Leanne Ford’s Restored by the Fords is an attempt to revamp old buildings and their interior to give it a more contemporary and modern, well lived-in look. The show is a hit with the audiences as it is quite informative for budding designers to see how transformations take place. Learn more about Leanne Ford, the person behind the concept.

It was the refurbishment of her first home, an old school, that piqued people’s interest in her work. Meet the sister of the Ford brother-sister duo, the architects with a passionate way of designing old spaces and making them so loved. In our Leanne Ford wiki, we get to know her and a few unknown facts about her.

The journeyIncredible to Say the Least

At Leanne Ford’s age of 37, she is a content person with an innate appetite to transform rusty old barns and historically rich but abandoned places into something livelier and something that can be inhabited as well. Who would have thought that a historic schoolhouse, untouched for a year, could turn out to be her abode?

At first, when the designer interviewed contractors and carpenters to present her vision and carry it out, she met with a stoic “no.” Then she turned to her brother for help, and this began the journey of a partnership that’s rock solid even today.


One of the funniest parts of this incredible journey is that the duo did not have money to pay people, so they came out with a quirky way of payment. “Beer and tequila,” yes, that’s was the currency they chose, and we guess no one’s complaining.

Married and Divorced

Leanne Ford’s husband was Brad Schaffer. She was 29 and he was a year younger than her when they wed on July 3, 2010. The couple resided in Sewickley. The wedding was a cozy affair in Granville, Ohio. The reception took place shortly thereafter. Leanne and Brad grew up in Upper St. Clair and Butler, respectively.

The pair, however, got divorced. The reasons for the annulment of the marriage are not known, but she referred to him as her “then” husband in an interview to GQ magazine while discussing how she entered the interior designing industry and the way she did her house-cum-project.

Siblings or Partners?

Leanne Ford and Steve Ford are the famous brother-sister duo who love to work as a team. They have often collaborated to come up with great interiors and quirky twists to the entire place to be remodeled. The powerhouse team works on projects and currently features in Restored by the Fords helmed by HGTV.

While Steve is a licensed contractor, he is also the founder of the city’s first river surfing company, aptly named “Surf Pittsburgh.” This unconventional designer can often be seen surfing and even snowboarding. He is credited by his sister for bringing to life her unique custom designs.


Instagrammed Her Work

Leanne Ford Interiors is the Instagram account where she describes herself as “A very lucky lady with work in Domino, Arch Digest, Living Etc, Lonny, Country Living, HGTV, and more… and come see my real life.” The account is a testimonial to her incredible work and design ideas.


Her account is proof of how interior designing can be basic, simple, and aesthetic all at once. It does not have to be expensive and chic, but it should definitely be an extension of the persona of the person residing in it.

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