Smoking Hot Lauryn Goodman Rocking an Oh Polly Ensemble! Credits:Instagram/lauryngoodman

About Lauryn Goodman
Age33 Years
BirthJanuary 18, 1991 England
SiblingsChloe Goodman, Amelia Goodman
JobFashion Designer, Instagram Model
OwnsNineteen Clothing

After the triumphant win by England in the FIFA World Cup 2018, people are more curious to know if Marcus Rashford is dating Chloe Goodman’s sister, Lauryn Goodman! The fact of the matter is that Marcus Rashford is not Lauryn Goodman’s boyfriend, but she is dating a Rashford!

Lauryn Goodman and Marcus Rashford’s older brother, Dane Rashford, are being linked romantically by some leading sources. Although the duo hasn’t made any comments yet, fans are loving the cloak-and-dagger affair!

Here is some details from social media influencer Lauryn Goodman’s wiki.

She Is a Fashion Designer

Lauryn Goodman, runs the online fashion store called Nineteen Clothing


Born on January 18, 1991, Lauryn Goodman’s age 27. She runs the online fashion store called Nineteen Clothing (XIX London), which offers buyers an attractive range of fresh looks for everyday fashion needs. 

The brand was established back in 2012 and soon became famous in quaint Brighton. Sales picked up when the Goodman sisters used their social media powers and promoted the products.

Their clothes were also seen on celebrities like Abigail Clarke, Ex on the Beach star Mel Reeves, Conor Maynard, and Spanish singer Carlos Parejo.

Nineteen Clothing has yet to go fully international. But with all the marketing skills the Goodman girls have, we’re sure their business is not going to be a backbencher for long!

Lauryn Goodman’s Sisters

Most fans recognize Lauryn Goodman and her sister, Chloe Goodman, 25, so some might be aware of a third sister. The Goodman sisters are all into social media, and so is their 19-year-old baby sister, Amelia Goodman.

Amelia Goodman also a part of Nineteen Clothing, as well as a beauty influencer on Instagram with over 19K followers. Meanwhile, older sister Lauryn Goodman’s Instagram account has over 49K followers.

Chloe Goodman, on the other hand, is a legit reality star best known for Ex on the Beach, but she’s also an Instagram model. She owns Opiah Cosmetics, which offers a whole range of treatments and surgeries to attain that perfect sculpted look.

She Has Allegedly Been Dating Dane Rashford

There has been a mix-up when it comes to the Rashford brothers and Lauryn Goodman! While the initial news was that she was together with 20-year-old English forward Marcus Rashford, the truth seems to be that she is dating his brother, Dane Rashford.

The news broke out when the five-foot-one beauty was first spotted at a Rashford family event. But in May, she made sure to shoot down the rumors of their alleged romance, though she kept tight-lipped on who her budding romance was actually with.

After she was spotted watching a match with Rashford’s family, the rumor mill went into overdrive and many just assumed she was there to support the soccer star. The truth is, it was his brother she was there to see!

Dane Rashford is also Marcus Rashford’s manager, so the confusion is understandable. But the couple in question has been making sure not to be spotted together.

That being said, none of the rumors are confirmed yet. But sources are sure there is something brewing between Lauryn Goodman and Dane Rashford. And at this point, she’s not denying those rumors so maybe sources have got the right Rashford brother this time!