Lauren S. from The Bachelor is fun, loving, family oriented woman who is also compassionate. Want to see some of the former contestant’s beautiful pics? Check out the Lauren from The Bachelor’s  best Instagram pictures right here!

While Arie’s one-on-one date with Lauren S. seemed to be romantic, it ended on a bit of a sour note, as Arie decided to send her home at the end of the night.

Meanwhile, Twitter erupted with people both praising and shaming Arie for his decision. Though many agreed that she was one of the most excited contestants this season, many thought that the show’s seemingly endless supply of alcohol was a contributing factor to her behavior. However, a lot of fans felt bad for the way Arie handled things, and thought he could have at least waited for the Rose Ceremony to send her home.

One thing nearly everyone can agree on is how stunning the former Bachelor contestant is! Take a look at some of Lauren S.’s Instagram pictures to see what we mean.

Animal Lover

Lauren from The Bachelor 2018 is a huge lover of animals —especially dogs. Her Instagram account is littered with adorable puppy pics that will make your heart melt!

This guy… So glad I stopped to pick him up 6 years ago.

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She also posts about rescue puppies being brought to her office with the hope that someone will take them home! Adorbs!

Rescue puppies at my office today! I said yes, @_chuckd said no…

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Date night with this precious pup… #tobasco @shannonrae2329

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A Natural Beauty

Despite what some people think about her personality, Lauren S. is definitely a beautiful person inside and out. Just take a look at that smile!

Sup, bruh? ??

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Sari-ously Beautiful!

Last night's wedding festivities #garbaraas #shivangandneha

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We love her even more when she posts drool-worthy pictures of her caffeine-fixes!

It looks like coffee is super important to the stunner, who wrote on her Instagram bio: “If you’re looking for me, I’m probably at Starbucks.” Sounds about right!

In short, Lauren S. comes across as a fun loving person and even on the show, many fans fell in love with her immediately! There’s no denying she got in her own head and let her insecurities get the best of her during her time on the show. (We’ve all been there, girl!) She’s clearly a girl that loves lie and just likes to have fun—and her Instagram is proof of just how gorgeous she is! Even though things did not work out with Arie, there’s always a chance we could see her on Bachelor in Paradise!

Mondays… amirite? Mark your cals! It all starts Jan 1 on ABC??

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