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Lauren London has had a pretty interesting career in entertainment. But she’s also had a rather interesting personal life. It was that personal life that is credited to the birth of Lauren London kids. But who are they? Who are the baby daddies? In this article, we’ll take a look at Lauren London and her kids including how many kids she has and what her relationships with their fathers is like now. It’s all about the kids, so let’s get started and start with son number one.

Cameron Carter

On September 9, 2009, Lauren London gave birth to her first son, Cameron Carter. His father is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., who is known to the world at large as Lil Wayne.

There’s apparently a lot of misconception about London and Wayne’s relationship. To this day, many people believe that they had a one night stand that resulted in the conception of their son. This comes from the fact many people didn’t realize they were dating until their breakup was announced in January 2009. In May, London announced she was pregnant with Lil Wayne’s child.

According to London, while it may seem like they only briefly dated, the two were actually in an on-again, off-again relationship over a fairly long period of time.


London is very protective of her kids and as such, you don’t find much in the way of pictures of her sons on Instagram, and details about how she and Lil Wayne raise Cameron Carter are also kept very quiet.

Kross Asghedom

In 2013, London began dating rapper Nipsey Hussle (real name Ermias Asghedom). The couple were together for three years when London gave birth to their son, Kross Asghedom. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last, as the couple broke up in November 2017.

By all accounts, the breakup was fairly amicable, and the former couple are dedicated to raising their son together. When announcing the split via his Twitter, Hussle mentioned how they will still function as a family with love and respect.

To that end, London is still promoting her baby daddy’s work, with tweets and Instagram messages promoting his new album.

As for their son (much like she is with Cameron Carter), London is very protective of Kross Asghedom and there are very few identifiable pictures of him on any of her social media accounts.


Have to Hand It to Lauren London

In a celebrity’s world, it’s very easy for folks to lay their entire personal lives out on the table for the rest of the world to see, especially their kids. And in the age of technology we are living in, nearly everything is public domain. Despite being in the public eye and dating some very well-known men, London does a good job of keeping her private life private.


There’s something commendable about that. Especially as London is raising her children with multiple fathers. If they have any personal beef, we sure aren’t hearing about it.

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