Nev Schulman's wife, Laura Perlongo. Credts:Instagram/el_peego

About Laura Perlongo
SpouseNev Schulman
JobFreelance Creative/Copywriter/Photographer
AlumniBoston University
TV showCatfish
Web seriesWe Need To Talk
Instagram Profileel_peego

Most people know Laura Perlongo as Catfish star Nev Schulman’s better half, but she’s proven to be so much more than that. As a creative and independent workaholic-turned-mom, Perlongo has managed to forge her own career path outside of the work she does with her husband. Our Laura Perlongo wiki has all the information you need to know about her.

Anyone who watches the hit MTV series, Catfish, is probably familiar with host Nev Schulman’s wife, Laura Perlongo. Much like the guests on the show, Schulman and Perlongo are no strangers to controversy.

A few years ago, Schulman faced some serious fan and media backlash regarding his casual regaling in his book, In Real Life: Love, Lies & Identity in the Digital Age. He recounts a violent altercation he was involved in that occurred while he was a student at Sarah Lawrence.


However, since the victim’s allegations didn’t coincide with witness accounts and Nev’s version of what happened, no charges were ever brought forward.

The incident did result in his expulsion from the school, though. While Schulman and Perlongo are no strangers to controversy and being on the receiving end of public scrutiny, it seems like they always manage to overcome these types of assertions, and are now doing better than ever.

The couple has always been open about everything that’s going on in their relationship. Maybe that’s why the online media company, ATTN:, approached them about hosting a new relationship web series called We Need To Talk, in which the progressive couple offers witty and insightful answers to viewers’ tough romantic dilemmas.

Outside of working alongside her husband and appearing on a few episodes of Catfish herself, Perlongo has developed a very prolific career in creative marketing and modeling in her own right. Keep reading our Laura Perlongo wiki to learn everything you need to know about this quirky TV personality, Instagram sensation, and mom!

She Has a Unique Personality & Sense of Humor

Laura Perlongo’s Instagram account is a Pandora’s Box of crazy but awesome (and somewhat strange) posts. It’s easy to tell that she has a unique and down to earth sense of humor and she’s certainly not afraid to poke fun at herself. Then again, neither is Nev. In fact, it’s the couple’s adorable banter that has people everywhere falling in love with them!


And here’s another cute picture of her with her hubby, Nev, on Halloween:

Though she’s not an Instagram model, Laura Perlongo isn’t afraid to do things in an unconventional manner and truly be herself on camera. Clearly, her social media posts are proof of that!

She Fearlessly Exposed Her Bare Baby Bump at The VMAs

Remember that time she caused a huge stir at the 2016 VMAs by showing up on the red carpet wearing nothing but an olive bomber jacket, black pants, and a pair of tan heels with her pregnant belly full exposed? In case you forgot about it, here’s a reminder:

Laura Perlongo and Nev Schulman at the VMAs

Laura Perlongo and Nev Schulman at the VMAs. Credts:Instagram/el_peego


Obviously, some people were deeply offended by the now iconic look, but Perlongo has always been an unapologetic trendsetter and genuine advocate of the body positive movement, which is why she paid no mind to her critics. She still managed to enjoy the awards show despite totally outshining Nev (who was the reason she was there) with her ensemble!

She’s a Strong-Willed Career Woman

According to her LinkedIn profile, Perlongo is a “freelance millennial focused creative based in New York & LA.” Having obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston University in 2007, she has extensive experience working as a creative director, copywriter, and photographer in New York City.

Her social media accounts all showcase her tremendous talent as a photographer and artist. In addition to her previous work as a creative advisor to various big name brands (like Calvin Klein, Bloomberg, Barbie, BBC, and NBC), Perlongo can now add TV personality to her list of career objectives!

Currently, she can be seen hosting the web series We Need To Talk with her hubby, Nev. As for modeling, Perlongo’s career doesn’t seem to extend past a few glam shots on her Instagram and other social media accounts. Maybe it’s due to her beauty that many believe Laura Perlongo’s model material! She certainly is gorgeous!

Basically, Perlongo is what’s known as a Jane of All Trades in the sense that there isn’t much she hasn’t tried doing in the entertainment industry. By the age of 33, Laura Perlongo has made a very big name for herself.

Laura & Nev Met Online!

Ironically, the couple who’ve based the majority of their careers on social media interactions actually met…on social media! As the story goes, Nev saw a comment that Laura had made on a post made by a mutual contact of theirs, and he was immediately smitten by her.


Of course, at the time, the two of them were involved in other relationships, so he waited until the appropriate time to start following her and “slide into her DMs”. The rest, as they say, is history!

Nev Schulman & Laura Perlongo’s Wedding

Just like everything else the mother-of-one does, Laura Perlongo’s wedding to Nev Schulman was certainly one for the books!

She wore a stunning cut-out gown that showed off her darling figure with a lace top, t-shirt style sleeves, and a long chiffon skirt that flowed down to the ground. She paired it with peach colored Prada platform shoes.

Nev looked equally dapper, sporting a fitted white shirt and jacket with a black bowtie and black pants. The pair looked extremely elegant and radiant as they posed for photos at their gorgeous outdoor venue with their baby girl, who was a newborn at the time.

Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo on their wedding day

Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo on their wedding day. Credts:Instagram/el_peego


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