LaMelo Ball was taken out of Chino Hills High School by his father, LaVar Ball, as he felt that his son could concentrate more on basketball if he was homeschooled (a tiff with the coach was an added factor, too). The 16-year-old confessed that he’s dating Ashley Alvano on the reality show. Keep reading Ashley Alvano’s wiki to know more about her.

Ashley Alvano has found fame by being known as LaMelo Ball’s girlfriend. And the fellow Chino Hills resident is currently enjoying a lot of attention, and not just from her boyfriend!

Alvano became popular overnight, and now, everyone wants to know about LaMelo Ball’s girlfriend. If you haven’t checked out Ashley Alvano’s hot pics on Instagram, then we’ve got some for you to feast your eyes on.

#1. Young & Beautiful

Ashley Alvano was born on December 21, 2000, making her 16 years old. Although there isn’t much information on the teenager, it looks like she can handle some fame—even if it came overnight.

But as far Ball is concerned, “She’s cool,” and doesn’t like him just for the fame.

#2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ashley Alvano received a lot of love from her “fans” after the dating news broke out. She currently has over 43K followers on Instagram, and that number is surely going to increase!

#3. She’s a Fitness Freak

There is no doubt that Alvano loves to keep fit. She loves her toned body and doesn’t shy away from showing it off on social media, either. Where there is a will, there is a way right?

#4. Dreaming of Becoming an Icon?

Although Alvano has not come out with a statement about who she is dating, Ball confessed to dating the teen on the Facebook reality show that he and his family star in.

When coaxed about who he’s dating, Ball finally cracked and talked about his girlfriend. Ball and his brother both approve of Alvano, and he feels comfortable with her, which is why they hit it off.

#5. Secret Love?

Ball in the Family is a Facebook reality show about the life of LaVar Ball and his sons. LaMelo Ball celebrated his 16th birthday a couple of months ago and stunned everybody on the birthday episode of the show when the news broke out that he’s dating Ashley Alvano. They’re certainly one of the hottest couples right now, and they’re clearly catching everyone’s attention!