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It seems the Kardashians are always in the limelight, be it for starting their makeup lines, their numerous selfies or their never ending Snapchats. Now, they are in the news for some other reason. If you have been wanting to know about a Lamar Odom update, then you should know that he was most recently removed from a Delta flight.

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Lamar is already was coping with his drinking problem and after being admitted to the hospital for few months, he seems to be back to his old partying ways now that he’s out. According to many sources, Lamar was seen chugging beer and whiskey in the Delta lounge just few hours before he boarded a Red-Eye flight on Monday night. Lamar Odom was severely drunk when he boarded the flight. He went to Delta Lounge at LAX before boarding his flight for New York.


Lamar Odom in Flight

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By the time he boarded the flight, he was completely wasted and took his seat on 4B. But minutes after that, he ran for the front door, puked in the galley and walked towards the bathroom, where he threw up with the bathroom’s door open. Passengers also claim that when he came out, he had puke all over his clothes.

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Passengers claim that the flight attendants came and escorted him off the plane and gathered all his belongings in a plastic bag so that they too could be removed them from the plane. However, few minutes later, Lamar again entered the flight and took his seat. He still had vomit on his pants. Then, he started feeling uneasy again and ran towards the bathroom using the heads of the passengers as he tried to maintain his balance.

Lamar Odom Throws up

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One of the passengers was heard saying to the flight attendant, “Don’t you know his history? I don’t want a dead body at 30,000 feet.” This is when Lamar was kicked off the plane and the flight took off for New York. One of the passengers who was on the same flight as Lamar said that he looked sad. Maybe the reason behind his depression is his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian.

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However, even Khloe Kardashian had to bear the brunt. On Tuesday morning Khloe posted a sad emoji on her Twitter account. She received mixed emotions from her fans. While most of her fans sent her love and wishes.

Khloe Kardashian Tweet

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One particular person was not at all happy with Khloe and gave her a piece of her mind, which did not go down well with Khloe and Khloe Kardashian slammed hater on Twitter.

Tamantha Tweet

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Things are not at all good between Lamar and Khloe as she has finally decided to divorce him. She re-filed papers the second time in May. Khloe and Lamar were separated in 2013, however, their divorce was on hold as Lamar was admitted to the hospital after he was found unconscious in a brothel. Upon hearing this, Khloe put the divorce on hold and came to Lamar’s side to help him recover.

Recently, there has been news that Khloe kicked out Lamar out of the rented home in Calabasas last week because a family member discovered a crack pipe on the property. Since that time, he has been shifting places and living at his friends place.

After her divorce drama with Lamar Odom, there have been several rumors about Khloe dating Trey Songz. A source close to the Kardashians claim that she is dating Trey. Another onlooker also claimed that they were spotted together spending quality time together and cozying up in a VIP booth at Drai’s nightclub at the Cromwell on July 2, and then on July 3, at Topgolf. They said that it is just the beginning and they are very casual about it so they are taking things slowly. And even though he was spotted leaving her birthday party, Khloe has clearly denied any such rumors.

It hasn’t been confirmed if the two are actually are dating or not, but if there’s any truth to this speculation, we hope that she finds her happily every after with Trey. We just have to wait and see how long this will continue because even Trey has a reputation of being a player. What do you think about the whole situation? Do let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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