It probably comes as no surprise that the Lady Gaga net worth is estimated at around $275.0 million.

The pop icon has made a name for herself touring the world and filling stadiums with her music and expressing herself just as loudly with her fashion choices. But what’s new about Gaga over the past two years is that she’s made her self worth just as much as her net worth, and that’s starting to show in everything she does.

Music Career

Though the public tends to associate Gaga with outrageous concert fashions and outspoken political activism, the bulk of her income stems from her career as a musician. Her first album The Fame debuted in 2008 and was number one in several countries, including Canada, Austria, Germany, and Ireland. It also peaked at number two in the U.S.


Gaga’s first album was a hit, selling 15.0 million copies worldwide and earning Gaga an estimated $18.0 million from the sales of that album. She would go on to tour heavily, starting with the Fame Ball Tour and then immediately transitioning into the Monster Ball Tour, which would gross close to $230.0 million from November of 2009 to May of 2011.

Gaga hit the tour scene again with the release of Born This Way. That album went on to top the charts selling 1.1 million copies in its first week alone. Her subsequent Born This Way Ball tour would gross Gaga another $168.0 million.

Lady Gaga Net Worth$275.0 million
Lady Gaga vs Beyonce1.5 times smaller
Lady Gaga vs Taylor SwiftAbout the same
Lady Gaga vs Selena Gomez5 times larger
Lady Gaga vs Rihanna1.3 times higher

It seemed Lady Gaga could do no wrong. Her ARTPOP and Cheek to Cheek albums—the latter was a collaboration album with Tony Bennett—would earn her less commercial success but still kept her critically relevant. Then in 2014, Gaga split from former manager Troy Carter to sign a management deal with Live Nation, who represents acts such as Madonna and U2. Gaga’s first touring deal with Live Nation was worth $40.0 million. This deal was signed after the pop star admitted she was bankrupt from putting all her money into her stage designs.

More than Music

People are still talking about Lady Gaga’s riveting performance at this year’s Super Bowl. She sang the national anthem to resounding applause and reminded fans just how special of a performer she truly is. But although fans are starving for some new music, Gaga has made a mark in other areas over the past year, namely acting.

And it has paid off. Her role on American Horror Story: Hotel as Elizabeth the Countess earned her a Golden Globe for best actress. Her fashion has also been a huge part of her fame and notoriety. She has been able to use her exaggerated sense of fashion to land endorsement deals with iconic fashion houses like Versace. She was the face of their spring summer campaign in 2014, and before that she endorsed a lipstick line with cosmetics powerhouse MAC. That was back in 2009/2010, and she donated proceeds from her earnings from MAC to AIDS research.


Back to Music

Lady Gaga has made more headlines as of late for her absence from and criticism of the music industry. She recently called the music industry a “f*cking boys club” during her acceptance speech at the 2015 Billboard Awards. She also admitted to nearly quitting music two years ago after the release of her ARTPOP album didn’t go as well as planned.

Now, Lady Gaga has promised she will get back to music for 2016. Though there’s no word on a release date yet, her Little Monsters are certainly excited at the potential for more Gaga. She has taken more control of her brand and refuses to let anyone else interrupt her creative process. That’s good for Lady Gaga—and likely good for the music industry as well.

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