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Lacey Mark recently made a splash on 2016’s season of The Bachelor and since then, many viewers have become curious about the long haired beauty from New York that works in digital marketing. While many were initially quick to critique her, Lacey Mark has since shown she isn’t a typical Bachelor contestant and stands out in many ways from her fellow competitors.

With the 2017 television season of underway, many fans are eager to see what transpires in their favorite episodic series and reality shows. Never has this been so much the case as it is with the popular reality series, The Bachelor that is going into its 21th season. With so much centered around the series’ namesake protagonist Nick Viall, there has been more interest generating for the female contestants that are vying for Viall’s heart and hand. This has caused many people to seek out information through online searches, using keywords like “Brittany Farrar expectation” and “Lacey the Bachelor.” With that, one of the most popular searches has been for contestant, Lacey Mark and her involvement with the series. Mark is quickly becoming a fan favorite for the possibility to win over Viall.

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Lacey on The Bachelor has led it to some interesting facts coming to light about Miss Marks. Now, it’s time for a comprehensive Lacey Mark wiki with some keynotes about Lacey Mark in terms of her background and viability to be successful on The Bachelor. Here are some of Lacey Mark’s most interesting bits of information:

Not Just Another Pretty Face

There has been plenty of press regarding Viall’s looks and the fact that he’s a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee business graduate, with an executive job in software sales. He’s truly accomplished without question and one of those eligible bachelors that is almost cliché in this day and age. However, as a Bachelor contestant, Lacey Mark seems to be almost a perfect match in terms of education, accomplishments and intellect to Viall. Hence why she’s been such a top contender for Viall and a true possibility to gain his acceptance when it comes down to the final rose.

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Lots of people unfamiliar to her are already wondering, where is Lacey on the Bachelor from?” While some of the other contestants on The Bachelor are West Coast natives with histories in modeling and acting, Mark is cut from a slightly different cloth. A native of the American east, Mark hails from Towaco, New Jersey. A 2013 graduate in government, political science and Middle Eastern studies from Syracuse University, Mark has a head full of knowledge. Moreover, Lacey Mark’s job as an associate content manager for Bliss Spa and Beauty Products out of New York City—where she also focuses on digital marketing management for the company to help it grow—has shown her to be a less of a would-be starlet seeking reality television fame and more of a real, working world professional. Thanks to her education and professional career, Lacey Mark’s status is elevated from just a spot on the reality TV scenery to a serious Bachelor contestant.

Beauty and Brashness

As one might expect, Lacey Mark also boasts a strong appearance along with formidable brains. On the ever-working world of social media, the Lacey Mark Instagram page has been active in showing pictures of her in fancy looking white dresses and nicely styled long hair. She’s also been featured on several other sites, showcasing her photos from vacations and having fun with friends. This shows her fun side apart from her professional light. If you don’t remember the premiere episode, Mark was the one who made recent headlines with her camel riding entrance and the associated quote she gave upon her entrance on the premiere episode of The Bachelor’s 2017 series. Clearly, Mark is keen on being both beautiful and brash all at once, and not necessarily the nice girl next door or the super polite corporate professional woman that’s keen on keeping ultra formal impressions.

A Few Grey Areas

Many Bachelor fans are doing intense research to see what Lacey Mark’s history is and learning all the ins and outs of her personal life. This isn’t that uncommon with viewers that get engaged in a series like The Bachelor. They love the show and want to see what the contestants are really made of, where they come from, etc. Since she’s relatively new to the public sphere, Lacey Mark’s key background points are somewhat uncertain.

However, based on her professional life and TV work, many that have studied her have said that Lacey Mark’s net worth is estimated at around $92,000.00, with some expectation that this will increase if she progresses on the show.

Aside from that, little is known about Lacey Mark’s family. Most figure Lacey Mark’s family reside in New York or New Jersey. But information on Lacey Mark’s siblings and Lacey Mark’s parents is still somewhat unknown. On that, many of Lacey Mark’s social media feeds have been deactivated, so fans are now forced to watch The Bachelor series on television to see what exactly transpires with her and her relationship to Nick Viall.

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 What to Expect

The Bachelor’s 21st season premiered on January 2 and is already initiating viewers to make predictions on who will make the various cuts as the show progresses. Like the other Bachelor contestants, Lacey Mark is going to be busy during this season of the series. There will be visits to Viall’s home in Wisconsin, as well as trips to the Bahamas and Finland amongst other exotic locales. There’s no doubt Mark will have to work hard to impress Viall against all of the other contestants, including Montreal’s Vanessa Grimaldi, Dallas’ Rachel Lindsay, and Raven Gates from Hoxie, Arkansas.