Would you be interested in seeing a few Lacey Mark photos? We thought so! The Bachelor is heating up and the competition is only going to get more intense for the remaining girls. Lacey, The Bachelor contestant, is still in the running and is ready to win Nick Viall’s heart. We found Lacey from The Bachelor‘s Instagram, and have some of her best photos for you!

Whether you’ve been looking for her hot, sexy bikini shots or some snaps of her in a little black dress, Lacey Mark’s pics don’t disappoint. The 25-year-old Manhattan native knows how to work a selfie and has us wishing she would give us her very own tour of the city!

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She’s Not Above Hanging at the Bar

You can tell a lot from a person’s Instagram and one thing you can tell about this picture is that Lacey is the kind of girl who likes to dress up, relax, and treat every day like an adventure. And we all know that the best place to have adventures (and retell stories about them) is the bar! She’s just casually sitting down in a nice gray Pookie and Sebastian dress, with what appear to be her favorite heels—they’re in most of her photos!

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She Knows How to Caption Your Feelings

I gave a fuck once…it was terrible #iaintsorry ???? cred @adamshap427

A photo posted by Lacey Mark (@laceymmark) on

When was the last time you gave a f**k? Chances are you may have regretted it, just like Lacey. This caption has “laugh out loud” written all over it! That’s the kind of wit and charm we think Nick would find attractive in a girl like Lacey. She can dress for anything and isn’t afraid to make fun of herself. How many girls do you know would ride in on a camel while wearing a dress? Where do you even rent a camel from?! We can only imagine how fun and adventurous their one-on-one dates will be!

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She Believes in Twinning at the Beach

Who says you can’t wear the same bikini as your best friend? In this throwback Thursday post, Lacey clearly has no problem wearing a similar bathing suit as her friend and they both look great! Sporting black and white bikinis, the two make us wish we were on a beach right now!

She Always Has One Thing on Her Mind

Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself ????????????????

A photo posted by Lacey Mark (@laceymmark) on

Anyone who’s trying to keep fit knows the struggle of looking great and eating your favorite food. Even though you can’t see Lacey’s face, we doubt that’s where you would be looking anyway. Look at those abs! She’s got pizza on her mind and enjoys eating burgers and fries, but how does she do it? Lacey’s definitely ready for that zombie apocalypse. Do you think Nick would mind having a workout partner?

Lacey and the City

Is Lacey the real-life adaptation of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw? She’s got the blonde hair, the cool job, endless outfits, and lives in Manhattan! And of course, she’s on a mission to find that great big love. Here’s hoping Nick is more Aiden and less Big—that was a toxic relationship, despite the happy ending.

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