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Looks like Kendall and Kylie went on a fun field trip. Until recently, no one knew that Kylie Jenner is a Lego fan and so is her sister Kendall. As we browse through Kylie Jenner’s Instagram, we see photos of her and sister Kendall having fun at a Legoland. We must say it’s a surprise for us to know Kendall and Kylie Jenner are Lego fans. If you doubt it now, we can guarantee that you won’t once you see the photos of the Jenner sisters having a blast at Legoland in California!

Just hours ago, Kylie and Kendall Jenner shared photos of their Legoland trip on Instagram. The Jenner gals are known for their famous name as well as for their individual careers as models and businesswomen. Probably, the only Hollywood sisters more famous than these two are the Olsen twins. But, it looks like they aren’t always as chic as we think they might be. You will be amused to know  that Kylie and Kendall Jenner are Lego fans. And, we found out about this as soon as the Jenners’ Instagrams showed photos of the sisters having some fun at Legoland in California.

Kylie, 18, had shared this photo on her Instagram and captioned it, “natural habitat.” This may excite a few, knowing that Kylie Jenner could also be a bit nerdy. She’s seen playing with Lego toys and building her own miniature Legoland. Joining her is her 20-year-old sister and model, who may be the coolest sister in the Kardashian family. Kendall Jenner seems so happy playing with some Lego that we wonder if she plays with them at home as well!

Kendall Jenner shared this photo in which Lego versions of her and her group of friends are seen standing atop a miniature White House at the Legoland Resort in California. She captioned this moment with, “our Lego squad on top of the White House. thanks Legoland [sic].” This just gave us a hint for our own “squad goals.” If we and our pals wish to stand upon the great white building, the Legoland in California is where you may get a chance to do so.

Take a look at some more Legoland moments shared on Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s Instagrams below. They will make you want to go visit the amusement park once again!

kids these days

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had fun today at @legolandcalifornia ✨

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