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Want to know more about Kristina Schulman, The Bachelor contestant who is quickly stealing everyone’s heart? We have a compiled some of Kristina Schulman’s pics from her Instagram account. Take a look at them.

Kristina Schulman, like all the other girls on The Bachelor, will do what she can to win Nick Viall’s heart. While some women on the show are feisty, others are more reserved —but that is probably because they cannot get a word in! Kristina Schulman has laid low so far.

Kristina Schulman (24) is a dental hygienist in Lexington. Before becoming one of 30 (now 21) girls fighting for Nick Viall’s heart on The Bachelor, she sat down with ABC so fans of the show could get to know her a bit better. The person Schulman admires the most in the world is her mother, which is not surprising. Kristina Schulman was born in Russia, and her biological mother gave her up for adoption as a result of an alcohol addiction. The Schulman family opened their home and their hearts to her as a child, and she has nothing but love and respect for her adoptive family. If she could, Schulman would like to know the mindset of her biological mother as she gave her child up for adoption; it looks like Schulman had a difficult childhood, which we might learn more about on the show.

Kristina Schulman is also a huge fan of Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep, and her favorite TV show is American Ninja Warrior. We don’t know how far Schulman will get on the show, but she has definitely won everybody’s heart with her perfect smile. We just hope Nick Viall takes her out for a solo date soon so we can learn more about her.

Kristina Schulman is definitely beautiful and her Instagram photos are proof of that. We have put together 10 hot pics of Kristina Schulman from The Bachelor‘s Instagram account for you to see. Check them out below.

A Breezy Day at the Beach

Schulman looks amazing in this crop top and and cut off shorts on a relaxed day at the beach.

Cool Girl Next Door

Ford or Chevy.. Or RWB?

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No matter what she wears, Kristina Schulman looks amazing in any outfit. She even looks great in this dressed-down look!

Who Can Refuse Ice Cream?

National Ice Cream Day replacing gym day? I think so??

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Schulman does cheat days well, by spending time with her dog, and indulging in her favorite ice-cream.

Sultry Red Carpet Look

?MAXIM PARTY #fands2016

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Kristina Schulman wore a shimmery green dress at the MAXIM party, and looked gorgeous.

Schulman Loves Her Cars!

Kristina Schulman looks cool in a bikini top, showcasing a pearly white Fisker Karma.

Love of Horses

Hanging with my Q ?

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Kristina Schulman is definitely a country girl at heart, and she adores her horses.

An Angel in Disguise?

Melrose Ave gave me my wings ?

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With her beautiful smile, and great personality, Kristina Schulman could very well be an angel in disguise!

Just Having Fun

Some would say I'm strong, others say I'm holding 8 lb balls

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Even when she’s kicking it back with friends, Schulman’s got style!

Sexy in Black

Kristina Schulman looks stunning in this black dress while at the release of Brett Eldredge’s latest album Let it Glow.

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