What dog owner doesn’t love their furry friend? The love and companionship can’t be beat. Do you think some of the magic of having a dog would be lost if they could speak human languages? Kristen Bell doesn’t seem to think so; she apparently has full-on conversations with her dog and then shares it on social media!

The actress and Frozen star posted an image of herself with her canine companion on Instagram. In it, Bell looks at her dog with an upset and disgruntled look on her face while the dog looks off into the distance without a care in the world. The accompanying caption depicts a conversation Bell had with her dog regarding a recent Christmas decorating mishap: “Hey #dog I can’t #believe it’s #christmas soon I just banged my #head in the #wall so as soon as I stop seeing #stars I’m gonna finish #decorating [sic].” Already at over 1,000 likes and counting, dog lovers and Kristen Bell fans everywhere clearly appreciated the pair’s holiday antics!

Looking through Kristen Bell’s other Instagram posts, it’s clear that her attention extends beyond just dogs to other animals as well. A post from a week ago shows her apparently caring for what looks like a tiny mouse, even going so far as to wrap it in a blanket! She has also posted images of other dogs, which should come as no surprise; aside from having two dogs herself, she has previously taken part in adoption initiatives.


Kristen Bell Conversation with Dog

Photo: Instagram/imkristenbell

And her love of animals isn’t a recent thing either, as another recent throwback pic Bell posted shows her as a child hugging a deer, explaining, “#Bambi was one of my favorite #Disney movies growing up (next to #Aladdin and #thelittlemermaid). [sic]” Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course; as one fan put it, “I’m 28 & The Little Mermaid is still my fav.”

You can’t help but wonder what Kristen Bell’s child-self would’ve said had she known she would voice a character in a Disney film one day! (Bell was the voice behind Anna, the lead character in Frozen.)

Image Source: Flickr

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