The tricky part about being both a mom and a manager for several of your kids is being able to give equal attention to each of them, something Kris Jenner probably knows all too well. But judging by the recent posts the famous “momager” has been sharing on Instagram lately, most of Kris’ attention seems to be on only one of her daughters, Kendall Jenner, specifically her recent work on the runway for famed designer Balmain.

Kris Jenner has shared nine pictures on Instagram since yesterday (March 2) and every single post, with the exception of one, has been dedicated to Kendall Jenner, everything from her new blonde hair to shots of the model on the prestigious runway. Even if you go further back on Kris Jenner’s page, a good chunk of her posts are about Kendall and how proud she is of her daughter. While we’re not discounting the affection, you can’t help but wonder where her youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner, stands in all this. After all, she’s had a pretty successful start to the year, having released the first major product in her own cosmetics line (which ended up selling out), with more on the way. Does Kylie care that she doesn’t get as much social media attention from her mother as her supermodel sister? Perhaps she doesn’t even want it.

What’s interesting is that just a few days ago, Kylie Jenner hinted on Twitter that she may be ready to start breaking away from the Kardashian brand. In response to a fan who joked about being surprised that she didn’t name her company “Kylie Kosmetics” (as opposed to its actual name, Kylie Cosmetics), Jenner simply responded, “Moving on from the Ks slowly but surely.” With that one simple reply, fans and media alike are speculating that the youngest Jenner is finally ready to set herself apart from her famous family by building a brand of her own.

That being said, there’s still always the chance that we’re reading too much into this all. But either way, it’ll certainly be interesting to see how the family dynamic will change as each of the girls (possibly even the one boy, Rob Kardashian) branch out to build their own individual empires apart from the Kardashian name.

Photo: Instagram/krisjenner

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