Kris Jenner joined Giuliana Rancic to discuss the red carpet fashion of the A-list celebrities at last night’s Oscars ceremony. The two were part of a panel discussion, which aired live on the E! network, and raised eyebrows when they boisterously complimented actress Tilda Swinton’s outfit for the night. The raised eyebrows came from the fact that Swinton was not even in attendance at the 88th Academy Awards!

The fiery redhead in the green geometric-print pantsuit was actually Oscar-nominated fashion designer Sandy Powell, who was nominated for not one but two Oscars for Best Costume Design (for the films Carol and Cinderella) at this year’s ceremony. While it was Jenny Beaven who took home the coveted golden trophy for her costume designs for the summer blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road, Powell is the one making the news today for the very notable faux pas made by Kris Jenner (and supported by Rancic).

Jenner commented on envying “Tilda’s” flaming red hair and mentioning that her dark green pantsuit looked very comfortable, while Rancic complimented her fashion sense, saying Swinton wasn’t afraid to take “fashion risks” on the live panel. Unsurprisingly, many people took to Twitter to point out the embarrassing faux pas, both gently and sometimes with hilarious snark, with users educating Jenner and Rancic on the difference between the award-winning designer and the Oscar-winning actress.


Somebody tell the people in the @eonline studio that the lady with the red hair was NOT Tilda Swinton. That was Sandy Powell,” one viewer tweeted. “I guess E! is just not going to correct that Tilda Swinton/Sandy Powell gaffe,” retorted another Twitter user.

Who? Weekly co-host Lindsey Weber was one of the celebrities to comment on the faux pas and quickly brought attention to the ladies’ mistake, tweeting, “This E! panel just spent 20 min talking about a pic of someone from the BACK they thought was Tilda Swinton but is not Tilda Swinton [sic].”


Earlier in the day, Jenner took to her Instagram to share a photo of herself attending one of Elton John’s infamous Oscar viewing parties a couple years ago. The 2014 throwback photo featured Jenner in attendance with her daughters, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kim Kardashian West. “Oscar flashback! Elton John’s Oscar party 2014,” was the caption Jenner attributed to the photo.

kris jenner with kohle kourtney and kim

It’s likely that Jenner took to sharing a previous Oscar memory simply to juxtapose the images she posted a couple hours later of her look for the 2016 Oscars. Jenner took and shared the photos ahead of beginning her duties as E!’s fashion correspondent for the netowrk’s annual red carpet coverage.

Despite the erroneous comments and the public’s very vocal opinions on the error, neither Kris Jenner, Giuliana Rancic, nor E! have made any comment amending the mistake thus far.


kris jenner in golden black dress

Photos: Instagram/krisjenner

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