If you haven’t heard of the new Krampus movie, you’ve got some catching up to do, because it seems to be all anyone can talk about this holiday season.

Holiday movies tend to follow a similar pattern, wherein Christmas is saved from some greedy businessman or a person with no Christmas spirit learns the true meaning of the season. This formula keeps being used because it works, allowing movie studios to rake in some easy cash from people searching for that new timeless Christmas classic. So imagine our surprise that Krampus, a holiday-themed horror-comedy, became a huge hit on social media!

Krampus is the story of a family whose infighting during the holidays summons Krampus, an evil spirit that punishes the naughty at Christmas—an “anti-Santa,” if you will. The creature’s origins come from Alpine folklore, most commonly seen in Switzerland and Austria. The character, with its hooves and horns, shares some resemblance with common depictions of Satan, except this “devil” only appears at Christmastime.


The film has already raked in almost $23 million worldwide, well above its $15 million budget. And that number stands to grow, thanks to word of mouth through social media. One look at Instagram and it’s clear how much people are digging this change of pace from the usual Christmas fare. For instance, many talented artists have taken to drawing the creature and posting it on social media; one, in particular, drew Krampus holding Santa’s severed head, which was somehow him “getting into the holiday spirit!!!” Another artist on Instagram apparently wanted to invoke Krampus’ wrath a little by using the beast for profit, revealing that he drew it to be used as a tattoo design, “For the collector looking for something cool, creepy, and out of the ordinary. [sic]”

Others expressed their love for the Krampus movie in words rather than pictures. On the official Instagram page for the film, fans left comments such as, “THIS MOVIE WAS AMAZING!! Lived up to all my expectations [sic],” and, “It’s the best movie I’ve seen in a while.” One person, however, noted that Krampus may be an acquired taste that will take time to become a holiday classic, as all the positive comments appeared to be coming from adults. Meanwhile, younger teenagers were a lot more critical!

Photo: Instagram/krampusfilm

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