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Chance the Rapper made some observations about LeBron James and Donald Trump on an episode of The View on Thursday. Now, everyone is looking into the young rapper’s life, including Chance the Rapper’s baby mama, Kirsten Corley. If you want to know more about her, then get to know Chance the Rapper’s girlfriend in 2017, with our Kirsten Corley wiki.

Chance the Rapper’s Daughter

The 24-year-old rapper has had his share of ups and downs with Corley, but has always put his daughter, Kensli Bennett, first. She was born in September 2015 and her birth was announced on Instagram. Chance the Rapper’s given name is Chancelor Bennett.

“I wanted make a grandiose and poetic statement with her weight and size and DOB to show how much this means to me, but I think it’d be more appropriate and fatherly of me to just say thanks to those who helped us during this pregnancy.”

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She Petitioned a Parenting Schedule

Chance the Rapper’s girlfriend, Corley, filed a petition to declare the rapper as Kensli’s father, which also meant being a sole care taker when they lived together. When they didn’t live together briefly, she amended the agreement and asked for a parenting schedule, which was later amended again when they moved back in together.


Kirsten Corley’s Instagram

You can get all the Kirsten Corley pics you need from Kirsten Corley’s personal Instagram account. She has over 19K followers and she posts everything from going out to parties to spending time with her daughter.

Chance the Rapper and LeBron James 

In the wake of Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James’ race-inspired vandalism this week, the 24-year-old commented about it while he was a guest on The View.


“It’s kind of a common pattern in American history when people that look like me get to a certain point of success,” Chance noted. “I mean LeBron James is, to me, the greatest-of-all-time basketball player, and people want to remind you that how they view you is a second-class citizen. It’s not much you can do other than keep thriving. Shout out to LeBron,” the 24-year-old rapper from Chicago said Thursday.


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“It just goes to show that racism will always be a part of the world, a part of America,” James said shortly after the incident. “And hate in America, especially for African-Americans, is living every day. Even though that it’s concealed most of the time, people hide their faces and say things about you, and when they see you they’ll smile to your face, it’s alive every single day.”

No matter what we are, we're always family ???‍?‍?

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Chance the Rapper vs. Donald Trump

But the Chicago native didn’t stop at his observation about James; he also noticed something off about the commander in chief’s negative comments regarding his home city in the past.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him in Chicago before. I don’t know what his relationship with Chicago is. I don’t know if he knows what he’s talking about.”


It’s not the first time someone has questioned Trump’s knowledge on a topic, and it likely won’t be the last.

The rapper is currently in the middle of his Spring tour and on August 5, he will be headlining Lollapalooza.

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