Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has to show his full potential in order to receive his third consecutive franchise tag, and now, all eyes are on him. Cousins and his wife, Julie Hampton welcomed their first child this year, and the two could not be happier parents. Learn all about her right here!

If you were wondering who Julie Hampton is, then you came to the right place! Her support made Kirk Cousins a stronger man, and with their family growing, she is in a great place in life. Check out more details about her in our Julie Hampton wiki.

#1. Julie Hampton Before Kirk Cousins

Hampton was born and raised in Georgia and attended the University of Georgia. When she met Cousins, she was an elementary school teacher. The Hampton family are suckers for bulldogs —and just dogs in general— and she is no exception. The couple not only foster dogs, they are strong advocates for adopting animals.

My students earned a visit from Mr. Kirk Cousins! Took them 4 weeks!


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#2. Kirk Cousins’ Inspiring Proposal

Cousins always showed maturity and stability —in his game and in life. He proposed to his girlfriend of almost two years on the Speaker of House’s office balcony, with a view of the Washington Monument. He got down on one knee after planning the whole thing with his congressman. The surprise on Hampton’s face says it all!

“I was hoping she wasn’t starting to get suspicious, and she didn’t, so that was as planned. I wanted to make sure those guys could take good pictures while I was on one knee, and they did, so that went as planned,” Cousins said in an interview about his proposal.

I love that this moment was captured!!


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#3. Hampton and Cousins Have a Fur Baby! 

The two are 100% dog lovers, and Hampton always believed in fostering animals until they found a permanent home. At one point, they fostered seven dogs in 18 months! While fostering a Goldendoodle named Bentley, the two fell in love and adopted him after only three days. He has since become a member of their family, with both Cousins and Hampton constantly posting pictures of him on social media.

In one post, Hampton seemed very excited to take Bentley to her hometown’s best dog park, Newtown Dream Dog Park. The couple even announced the birth of their son through Bentley!


Pups in the Park!! Bentley sat in his seat like a champ!

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#4. Baby Cousins is the Cutest Kid Ever!

Julie Hampton’s son, Cooper Cousins, was born on September 29, 2017, and the couple really had fun with the pregnancy. Not only did they break the news through their dog with a signboard that read, “Mom & dad are getting me a human,” they also had an exciting gender reveal.

Kirk Cousins threw a baseball against a box with a giant question mark on it. Once it made contact, a blue dust cloud shot out of it, signaling it was a boy! Cooper was born 11 days late and weighed a little more than 9-lbs, but when he finally arrived, he gave his parents the best gift of their lives.

#5. Julie Hampton Stays Under the Radar

Julie Hampton’s Instagram, @juliehcousins, is regularly updated. She loves to spend time with her family, and many of her posts feature them, as well as her dog. There are occasional posts of her son, but we still want more!

Had the best visit with the Morrises today! Love you guys!!

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