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Kim Vallez has been a valuable member of the KRQE News 13 team since 1999. Many people in Albuquerque grew up watching the anchor on television. But now Kim Vallez is leaving KRQE after 23 long years. Naturally, the anchor’s frequent viewers are curious about her future plans and whether she intends to stay in the city. Here’s what Kim Vallez had to say about her departure from KRQE News 13.

Kim Vallez Exits KRQE

Born and raised in Belen, Kim Vallez earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from New Mexico State University in 1997. She joined KFOX-TV in El Paso, Texas, right after graduation.

In 1999, Vallez relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to join KRQE News 13 as an anchor and reporter. For many years, she has worked to shed light on the issue of child abuse in New Mexico through her reporting.

Vallez won an Emmy Award for reporting on the statess worst incidence of child abuse, the Baby Briana case. As a result, people around the state are aware of child abuse and understand why stricter regulations are necessary.

Kim Vallez also enjoys reporting about New Mexico’s unique attractions, which have become viral sensations. She takes great pride in that her entire professional life has been spent in her native state.

But now, Albuquerque’s favorite anchor has decided to step away from broadcasting. Kim Vallez is leaving KRQE as she has accepted a new position outside the news industry. And this will be her final week at the station.

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But the good news is that Vallez will still be working in New Mexico. So keep your eyes peeled on her social media for more updates on the new position.

Update: After her last day on air, Kim Vallez has moved on to a job outside the news industry. She is currently a communications specialist at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque.