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When the Murrays are at court, the cameraman gets caught in a dilemma. Should he focus his camera on Andy Murray, who is decimating his opponent or should he focus on Murray’s gorgeous wife Kim Sears, who is lighting up the stadium while sitting in the spectator’s stands. Well, most people will vote for Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s wife. Now she is not alone. Kim Sear’s baby will soon be a regular to watch daddy Andy Murray play. Sears has a baby now. Check out Kim Sears’ wiki page on the net.

Teenage Romance

The story of their romance is very exciting but little known. Andy Murray and Kim Sears met each other at the French Open 2005 when they were both just 17 years old. Just two teenagers passionate about tennis. Sears’ father Nigel Sears was the head of the Women’s Tennis Association at that time. In the beginning Murray and Sears’ relationship was so low-profile that nobody knew they were dating. However it came to light when Murray kissed Sears on camera at the SAP Open in San Jose in 2006.

A Brilliant Student

Sears was a brilliant student at school getting three A-levels in music, drama and art. She got admitted into Sussex University and has been with Murray ever since. Well, almost! She did have a split with him in 2009 when she moved back to live with her parents. Though she has never publicly spoken about the reason behind the split, sources say that it was because of Murray’s hectic schedule. Murray’s jet-setting life as a tennis star put unimaginable pressure on their relationship.

A Diamond is Forever

However Murray could not live without her and the couple were with each other again. In November 2015, the couple announced their engagement. The whole world knew about Kim Sears’ engagement ring that Murray gave her. It was almost $260,000 and Sears’ was seen flashing it inadvertently on every occasion she stepped out of home. In February 2016, Sears and Murray welcomed their baby girl into their home. They have named her Sophia Olivia and since then their whole life revolves around her. Just check out Andy Murray’s family pictures. Sears who always said that she was not interested in being a celebrity wag is avoiding publicity even more than before.

The Lady is an Artist

Apart from her baby, what keeps Andy Murray’s wife Kim Sears busy is her work as an artist. That’s right. She specializes in pet portraits focusing on dogs. Sears’ absolutely adores and loves dogs. She has one herself, a border terrier named Maggie May. Sears has painted many portraits of Maggie May and other dogs as well. She even has a website about dogs named Brushes and Paws which promotes her painted portraits of dogs. Sears has a Twitter account under the name of Maggie May as well.

A Busy Woman

Sears is seen with Murray when he is traveling all around the world playing his tennis matches. Though Sears is seen as a calming effect on Murray, she herself has quite a fiery side to her. Though she smiles most of the time, every now and then Sears shows her anger also. Sears wants to be a writer as well. Her desire is to write a novel. However she says that the closest she has come to writing is blogging. She still intends to write a novel though. Sears is a busy woman, taking care of Andy Murray’s baby and Murray himself. Sears may have started out not wanting to be a wag, but today she is the cynosure of all eyes and cameras whenever she enters a stadium.