As if we needed any more reasons to hate on Kim Kardashian; well, how about a hundred million reasons? If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “Just how rich is Kim Kardashian?” the answer just got exponentially greater, thanks to her still relatively new app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The success of the app has also increased the already insane Kim Kardashian net worth value to $53 million, which is close to double what it was in 2014, according to Forbes.

The numbers on the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app are nothing short of jaw-dropping. The first five quarters of the app’s existence have already raked in a reported $100 million. Yes, you read that right. Even more reason to wish you were Kim is the fact that the app has made over $200 million in just its first year.

Kim Kardashian Net


Let that sink in for a while. And while those earnings are staggering, you’re may be wondering what the heck this app is all about. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood allows users to create their own celebrity, and while the initial download is free, all in-game purchases are made with real money. Users are able to buy personal jets and clothes, go on dates, and live out whatever they believe a celebrity life to be.

The engagement level with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood shows you why it’s been able to make so much money. There have been over 3 billion sessions played so far, which account for close to 35,000 in game years. These make-believe celebrities have also taken 11 billion flights and had fun on approximately a billion imaginary dates. That’s right, we’re talking billions.

Kim Kardashian Net Worth

It’s probably safe to say that Kim Kardashian has succeeded more than anyone else at turning fame into fortune. Her days as a stylist for one of the original socialites, Paris Hilton, probably gave her some insight into how her life would turn out. But no one could have ever imagined Kim would be the mega popular, super rich icon she’s turned into today.

Of course, you don’t get to this level of success without detractors, and Kim has plenty of those. For starters, the idea of her being so rich and famous for doing next to nothing is probably one of the most common criticisms about her. She also gets backlash for not being the best role model for her over 40 million Twitter followers and over 60 million Instagram followers.


Her marriage to rap star and Adidas designer Kanye West has only added to her popularity and possibly her infamy. The pair now have two children, daughter North West and the most recent addition, their son Saint.


The Kim Kardashian app hasn’t come without incident, either. The developers, Glu Mobile, are being sued along with Kim’s mom and manager, Kris Jenner, for allegedly stealing the idea from another company. The suit is being filed by Just Games Interactive Entertainment for a reported $10 million in damages.

That being said, the lawsuit hasn’t stopped Glu Mobile from releasing their latest Kardashian moneymaker: Kendall & Kylie, based on the famous Jenner sisters. In the app, players join Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner in a choose-your-adventure style story, where you can design your character’s whole look, right down to facial expressions, and then create a life for them—of course, your “friends” Kendall and Kylie will be there to support you every step of the way, helping you networking with the right connections so that you can build a bigger online following.



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