Kim Kardashian Net Worth: How She Really Made Her Millions

Kim Kardashian Net Worth

Kim Kardashian has a net worth of $88 million, and while she may have been born into wealth, she’s earned every penny since becoming a famous mega-star. But where does the money come from? Here are some Kim Kardashian facts regarding how she conducts the business that is, well, herself, and makes her money.

Television and Hollywood

Kim Kardashian’s main television platform, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, makes the starlet $44,000 an episode. That may not seem like much money at first compared to other TV shows, especially considering that the earlier seasons of the show only ran between eight and 12 episodes. But that number has since increased; last season (season 10) was 17 episodes long, while the season before that was a whopping 20! That means she made $880,000 just from season nine alone!

Of course, Kardashian has appeared on a variety of other TV shows as well, usually with her family, which has become a business all on its own. These spin-off shows include Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, and Khloé & Lamar. She has also made an appearance on a season of Dancing with the Stars and regularly appears on the reality show Dash Dolls.

While her Hollywood/movie career hasn’t been as lucrative or busy as her TV business, she stands to perhaps expand further into film with this year’s Zoolander 2, in which she, in a rare instance, will play a character rather than a version of herself. She likely got paid a pretty penny to appear in the movie, and if the role is well-received, more offers from Hollywood could follow, hiking that Kim Kardashian net worth value even higher.

Social Media

Kim Kardashian has pretty much become known as the queen of social media. As early as 2009, Kardashian was already believed to be raking in $10,000 per tweet on her official Twitter, thanks to businesses paying her for the free publicity; Instagram has since become a comparable source of income. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, considering her millions of followers can also be seen as millions of potential customers who are willing to spend.

The use of social media, particularly her use of selfies, has helped to only further boost Kim Kardashian’s net worth. In May 2015, she released a book titled Selfish, which is basically 325 pages filled with pictures she snapped of herself. Even though sales weren’t as high as expected, Kardashian still made at least some money off of it.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian Brand

Kim Kardashian—and the rest of her family—have loaned out their name for a variety of products and endorsements. Most are related to appearances, such as clothing, skin care, fragrances, and other beauty products.

Perhaps the most profitable business tie-in as far as money is concerned is Kardashian’s mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The game has the player attempt to become a celebrity by raising their reputation through modelling, acting, dating, and clubbing. The game is free to play, but micro-transactions are available to buy clothes and other aspects that will speed up progression towards fame. And those micro-transactions add up, because the game made $1.6 million in its first five days and continues to bring in $700,000 a day; it’s estimated that it will make $200 million total in its first year!


With the amount Kim Kardashian makes, it’s little wonder that she will spend rather, how you say, freely. However, she may consider some of her more outlandish uses of money to be business expenses. For instance, she probably wouldn’t be receiving up to $10,000 per tweet were it not for her spending $100,00 a year on a “professional photo retoucher” to improve how she looks in all her selfies. Similarly, maintaining her looks reportedly carries a yearly cost of $1.0 million.

That’s not to say that everything Kardashian spends money on is related to her “work.” Recently, she and husband Kanye West put $20 million towards their “dream home,” which, when completed, will feature two pools, two spas, huge closets, a rose garden, and, for some reason, a vineyard. And if that wasn’t enough, they spent another $2.9 million on their neighbor’s land. And expect the amount they spend on their home(s) to increase; they’re reported to both be perfectionists!

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