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Kim Kardashian is looking for someone—besides Kanye West—who can join her and help her win a game show. That’s right: Kim Kardashian is searching for her biggest fan to accompany her on ABC’s new game show, Big Fan.

The reality television superstar tweeted about her appearance on this new game show where she will need some die-hard fans who know everything about her. Now, this is quite intriguing for her huge fan base who are already dying to know how to win a chance to be with Kim Kardashian on the new ABC game show!

According to the format of this new show,  a “Kim Kardashian superfan” must answer every question about her life, and if he or she is correct then it will make Kim Kardashian a winner! Now, her true fans will always wish for Kim Kardashian to win at almost everything, and perhaps a game show sounds like the perfect start. Kim Kardashian will be guest starring on Big Fan and with the help of her biggest fans, she may win it sooner than later!

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Credits: Instagram/kimkardashian

Big Fan is an all new game show which will be shot in the Banijay Studios and will be produced by popular TV show host Jimmy Kimmel. The ABC network came up with this show after taking inspiration from the “Who Knows” segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live! in which a fan tries to prove they know the most about a celebrity. The show will be based on that, and a celebrity will battle a superfan by answering questions correctly. The questions will be based on the celebrity’s life, and some of them may trick the celeb to reveal secrets.


The hard part for the celebrities on this show will be to know that someone besides themselves knows freakishly more about their personal lives. Well, that won’t be a problem for Kim Kardashian, who is already outspoken and has revealed almost everything about herself. Kim has asked her fans to apply for the show through the link mentioned in the tweet and become a finalist to join her on the show. Big Fan will be hosted by Andy Richter and Kim Kardahsian could be one of the first stars to appear on it. So, if you are her “biggest fan,” then apply and win a chance to to be with Kim Kardashian on the new game show, Big Fan!

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