Kim Kardashian Instagram followers were in for a major treat this morning—the reality star took to the social media platform to post a shocking nude photo. However, it’s not the nudity in the photo that’s got everyone talking, but instead it’s Kim’s enviable, fit, and toned body. Having just recently given birth for the second time, this time to a son whom she and hubby Kanye West named Saint (yup, North West and Saint West are the names of the Kardashian-West spawns!), people are speculating about whether this latest Kim Kardashian nude photo, specifically her smoking hot figure in the picture, is real or not.

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When Kim was pregnant with her first-born, North, back in 2013, she garnered a lot of unfair negative attention for the amount of weight she had gained during the pregnancy. Failing to consider that a woman is supposed to gain a fair amount of weight when carrying a growing baby inside her body, Kim was made the butt of misogynistic jokes not only about her weight gain, but about her wardrobe choices as well. People thought she didn’t dress appropriately for a pregnant woman and that her sartorial choices weren’t flattering to her baby bump. Kim was having none of it and snapped back against critics by continuing to wear whatever she felt like wearing, a bold move in a world that so strictly monitors women’s bodies and doesn’t think twice before providing unsolicited opinions on them.

When pregnant with Saint, Kim once again boldly ignored critics and wore whatever she felt like and now that it’s been three months since Saint’s birth on December 5, Kim is once again being bold by posting a fully nude selfie (with the “naughty” bits blacked out, of course) of her impressive post-pregnancy body.

The drastic weight loss and her surprisingly toned figure has lips flapping about whether Kim’s figure is real or has been achieved by unnatural methods. Some claim Kim got a lot of plastic surgery to achieve this look while others suspect that less dangerous methods like waist training are to blame.

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More distressing than all that are the comments on the photo—which was shared on Instagram earlier today with the caption, “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”—shaming Kim for her nude selfie just because she is a mother of two now. Comments from followers accusing Kim of not getting enough attention or trying too hard to keep up with the publicity of her famous sisters are rampant in the comments for the photo, which only goes to illustrate the unfair double standard women have to face when they embrace their bodies and show them off. After all, who says a mother cannot also be sexy? And who says sexuality must be capped when motherhood begins?

While the slut-shaming comments are disheartening, there are some funny ones at the expense of Kim’s hubby, Kanye West, who recently claimed that he was more than $53 million in debt. “When Kayne sells all ur clothe to pay his dept [sic],” posted one smart aleck. Most people, though, responded with praise and compliments.

Photos: Instagram/kimkardashian

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