Photo: Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Getty Images

The Kim Kardashian Instagram account you’re used to seeing—the one with revealing cleavage shots, seductive selfies, and paparazzi pictures—looked a little more festive this morning.

Kardashian posted a picture this morning, but surprisingly, she wasn’t even in it. Instead, it was a photo of her mom, Kris Jenner’s, mansion foyer decked out for the holidays. There are three huge, beautifully decorated Christmas trees in front of a double staircase with banisters covered in garland and lights. In the caption, Kardashian simply wrote, “Candy Cane Lane Kris Jenner Style.”  That explains why Jenner opted for candy cane lollipops on the top of the trees instead of a traditional star or angel.

While it may not be the type of post that Kim Kardashian Instagram fans are used to, they apparently still enjoyed it all the same, because it’s already been liked by over a million followers.  Not even the two racy throwback photos she shared yesterday (from her 2007 Playboy shoot) were able to reach the million-likes mark. Most of the over 19,000 comments were about how beautiful the setup was, with many commenters wishing they could come up with something just like it.

Kris Jenner has become known for her lavish, over-the-top Christmas décor. Last year, her foyer boasted a tree so big that it stood taller than the staircase and touched the ceiling. Jenner posted the picture of it on Instagram almost exactly a year ago today and thanked famed floral designer Jeff Leatham for the masterpiece—so it’s probably safe to say that the famed “momager” had a professional to come in and take care of this year’s décor as well.

For fans who would rather see the usual Kim Kardashian Instagram posts, stay tuned—it shouldn’t be too long before the reigning queen of selfies makes a comeback.

Image Source: Flickr