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People who complain that OneRepublic frontman, Ryan Tedder, gives his best to other artists and not to his own band can stop complaining now. The man who gave songs like “Halo” to Beyonce and “Bleeding Love” to Leona Lewis has more talent in his little finger than most people have in their life! Ya, we said it! Just listen to OneRepublic’s “Kids”, their second single from their upcoming new album. So, all those fans who are Googling terms like ‘Kids lyrics’, ‘Kids mp3’ or ‘Kids listen online’ can stop right now. We will tell you how to listen to “Kids,” which promises to be yet another smash hit for the talented band!

The Hits Keep Coming

Most people are still singing “Apologize,” the band’s biggest hit single to date. However, the band has continued to come out with monster hits ever since then. Just listen to singles like, “Mercy”, “Say (All I Need)” “Counting Stars” and “Feel Again” and you will see the sheer talent that the band as a whole has to offer! Tedder is a record producer as well, so his songs are crafted with precision and elegance. That might be why they’re all just so damn good!

A Monster Single

“Kids” is going to be one of the biggest singles of the year for OneRepublic, we are sure of it! It’s about the beauty of youth. It starts slowly, builds up and then the drums kick in and the catchy chorus follows. Tedder uses his vocals and falsetto to take the song to a higher level and it’s classic OneRepublic perfection! The song tells us to make the extra effort to keep our childhood friendships alive as they bring out the best in us. So true!

So, just wait for OneRepublic’s fourth album to release and listen to their single, “Kids” because it’s sure to take over the airwaves soon!

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