It’s not uncommon for a musician’s tour to make the news and trend on social media, but their not the only acts that take it on the road—comedians are big on touring as well! For instance, Kevin Hart’s South Africa tour is coming to a close, and the comic, actor, producer and writer has clearly had a very eventful trip. What has he done and experienced over there? Is he enjoying himself? And most importantly, is he okay after rumors stated he was mugged?

Kevin Hart’s trip to South Africa is a part of his 18-show What Now Tour, which began on January 20 in Manchester, England, and will end on April 1 in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is his biggest comedy tour ever and the first time he has ever performed stand-up in South Africa, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, or Australia. His last tour, the Let Me Explain Tour, took place in 2012.

Kevin Hart showcased some of his adventures in South Africa between shows on his social media accounts, including filling his Instagram page with pics of his time with the local wildlife. The pics feature the comic up close and personal with animals most of us would be too scared to get near, such as lions and cheetahs, thanks to a visit to the “Lion Park” in Johannesburg. Hart said he “was floored by how amazing it was” and that “This experience has been surreal!!!! [sic]”


Admitting he “didn’t know what to expect” from the country, Hart acknowledged that while there’s both good and bad parts, like all palces have, “This needs to be something on my list to do yearly and I need to frequent these parts and treat it the same way I treat my fan base domestically. [sic]” Hart also addressed a rumor regarding his trip, namely that he had been mugged in Durban, the largest city in the South African province KwaZulu-Natal. At a press conference, he stated, “I wasn’t mugged in Durban. I had the best time there” and added that the story was just a case of “media being media.”

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