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How rich is Kevin Durant? That’s the question that fans have been wondering now that the NBA Playoffs are gearing up to name a champion on June 2. So far, the Oklahoma City Thunder have played well in the West Conference and even beat the Golden State Warriors during last night’s game.

Thanks to his talent, career achievements and endorsement deals with Nike, the Kevin Durant net worth is approximately $100.0 millionand the Kevin Durant salary is $2.06 million—not bad for someone his age.

This makes him one of the highest-paid players in the game right now, and now that he may be a free agent, he could have more earning potential and plenty of options heading his way.

The Oklahoma City Thunder small forward has done well for himself and things are only looking up on the road ahead.

Kevin Durant Net Worth Compared to Other NBA Players

Shaquille O’Neal Net Worth$350.0 million
Kobe Bryant Net Worth$320.0 million
LeBron James Net Worth$210.0 million
Stephen Curry Net Worth$14.0 million
Kevin Durant Net Worth$100.0 million

Early Life

The 27-year-old basketball player was born on September 29, 1988, to parents Wayne Pratt and Wanda Durant in Washington D.C. His parents eventually divorced, but his father would later re-enter his life and go to basketball tournaments with him. Durant grew up with his family; he has one brother and two sisters and was raised by his grandmother as well before his father returned. Durant grew up wanting to play for the Toronto Raptors after being inspired by Vince Carter’s performance. Though his dream never came true, Durant would come to play for the Seattle SuperSonics for the 2007-2008 season and would then be traded to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder from 2008 to now. It was with the Oklahoma City Thunder that Durant made a home and a name for himself—one that just might make up for not playing for the Toronto Raptors.

Career Achievements

Durant stands at six feet, nine inches tall, weighs 220 pound, plays small forward, and is also a strong outside shooter. He was also the MVP in 2014, appeared in 542 games, averaged 35 points per game, and is a seven-time All-Star and four-time scoring champion. In other words, the Kevin Durant stats are very impressive, and he is considered a “scoring prodigy,” which bodes well for him and the suits that are in charge of Kevin Durant’s contract details. (He’s also a 2012 Olympic gold medalist, but he doesn’t like to brag about it.)

Durant is a beloved player in Oklahoma City and has grown up in front of its citizens. According to Forbes, Hundreds of fans crowded the Oklahoma City Airport to greet the Thunder after the team’s Game 5 win against San Antonio. Durant, unlike some basketball players, is also a well-liked player off the court and was featured in several Footlocker commercials describing him as “the nicest guy in the NBA.” The commercials weren’t lying either since Durant donated $1.0 million dollars to the American Red Cross to benefit the victims of the Oklahoma tornado in 2013. His donation was then matched by the Oklahoma City Thunder and Nike, who were inspired by the basketball player’s generosity and efforts.


Durant has made millions off of his seven-year endorsement deal with Nike for $60.0 million for producing his own brand of shoes. Durant has made a name for himself not just branding with basketball but global marketing as well. Even though he’s making extra money with endorsements, he’s just happy to play the game he’s always loved.


Durant owns two houses in Bricktown worth $1,769,000 combined, and the city couldn’t be happier to have him. The units are side by side and are part of “The Hill” at Bricktown, which is close to the (now closed) Urban Roots Restaurant, and the Deep Deuce Grill.

“We are just happy because now Kevin is moving down here, probably a lot more people are going to know about the history of the Deep Deuce area,” said Urban Roots owner Lonna Thompson. “So, Kevin, come on down and say hello, neighbor.”


Unlike other athletes, Durant doesn’t have an extensive car collection and only owns a red Ferrari California and a white Range Rover. That’s pretty humble for the rich and famous but every guy dreams of a Ferrari if they can afford it—and he certainly can.

Breakdown of Kevin Durant Net Worth

Salary$2.06 million
Endorsements$60.0 million
Houses (combined)$1,769,000
Kevin Durant Net Worth$100.00 million

With Durant being set to be a free agent soon, there’s no telling what kind of earning potential he will have. Will he return to the Thunder or will he set his sights somewhere else? Either way, Durant is exactly where he needs to be and will continue to be a force of nature in the business.