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If you’re wondering why there’s been an unusual amount of Kevin Durant news or why “Kevin Durant Warriors” and “Kevin Durant Warriors jersey” are popping up in your news feed or Google searches then you obviously haven’t heard about the Kevin Durant new contract amount. The Oklahoma City Thunder free agent has just signed a two-year deal for $54.0 million to play for the Golden State Warriors. Looks like Stephen Curry better watch out, because there’s a new player in town!

It looks like the Kevin Durant salary of $2.06 million has just received a healthy increase, along with the Kevin Durant net worth. The Kevin Durant contract length is also a topic of debate since it’s a lot of money for a short term. But, it seems that Durant made the right call and is moving up in the basketball food chain. And we can only imagine how upset the Oklahoma City Thunder are feeling right now. So, in honor of Durant’s decision, here are some fun facts about the newly minted Golden State Warrior.

What’s In the Bag?

Have you ever noticed that black bag that Durant wears on his back at post-game press conferences? Have you ever wondered what’s inside? According to Durant, the bag contains a bible, his iPad, his headphones, and a phone charger (which is a smart move when you think about it). He still describes himself as being a high school kid, which isn’t surprising since he’s only 27 and most adults his age still carry back packs.

Permanent Ink

Durant had a huge back tattoo completed a while back and posted it to social media. But there was just one problem; the word “mature” was misspelled as “mautre.” Remember when your teacher told you that spelling is important? Well, it’s especially important when you’re getting a large permanent tattoo on your back. He posted a new picture with the word (painfully) corrected after it caused a bit of media stir online.

Nike Deal

He rejected a $70.0 million Adidas deal to choose a $60.0 million Nike deal and chose them because he had been wearing Nike shoes since he was in the eighth grade, and he felt more comfortable wearing them. Say what you will, but there’s no question that the man is loyal to the end.


After the Moore tornado in 2013 devastated parts of Oklahoma, Durant donated $1.0 million of his own money to the American Red Cross to help the disaster victims. His amazing generosity compelled Nike and the Oklahoma City team to donate $1.0 million each.


Durant chose the number 35 for his Oklahoma City Thunder City in honor of his former coach, Charles Craig, who died at 35. Thunder fans have expressed their rage over the trade and are burning Durant’s jersey. Many have posted online about how upset they are as news broke earlier that Durant was leaving for the Warriors.