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Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant has a personal life as great as his professional one. Currently, the 28-year-old basketball player is dating Jasmine Shine.

Apart from the games they play, fans are always intrigued to know who their favorite athletes are dating. With the Golden State Warriors doing so well, many eyes are on Kevin Durant, who has been consistently lighting up the scoreboard on the court. But what about off the court? Who is Kevin Durant dating? Before we get to that, we will take a look at the small forward’s humble beginnings.

Kevin Wayne Durant was born on September 29, 1988, in Washington, D.C. to Wanda Durant and Wayne Pratt. His father abandoned the family when Kevin was an infant, and came back into his life as a teenager. When he was 13 years old, Kevin and his father would go all over the country to catch basketball games. Growing up, Kevin wanted to play for his favorite team, the Toronto Raptors.

After playing basketball in high school and college, Kevin made it to the NBA and now plays for the Golden State Warriors. He’s won several awards, including the NBA Most Valuable Player Award, NBA Rookie of the Year Award, and two Olympic gold medals. Besides his flourishing professional life, Kevin has also been linked with several women. We will take a look at Kevin Durant’s dating timeline and find out who Kevin Durant’s girlfriend in 2017 is.

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Kevin Durant’s Dating Timeline

Jasmine Shine

According to sources, Kevin is currently dating Jasmine Shine. Their on-again off-again relationship started in September 2014 and they seem to be going strong at the moment. You will not find pictures of the two on Kevin’s Instagram account, as he deleted it last September. There is not much out there about Jasmine, except that she is a model.

Monica Wright

Kevin was engaged to WNBA player, Monica Wright in 2013. He spoke about his relationship with Monica to GQ, with some insight as to why they called off their engagement. “We was just hanging out, chilling. And I felt the energy. I felt, I need to do this right now. And I just did it. I was like…We’re engaged right now? We’re about to get married? So I was just like, cool! I love this girl. But I didn’t love her the right way,” he explained. About his breakup, Kevin said, “I go to sleep at night, like, ‘Am I gonna be alone forever?’ Am I gonna be alone forever? Am I gonna have kids? I feel like there’s no hope. But I still gotta have faith.”

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Letoya Luckett

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In the summer of 2012, there were rumors that Kevin Durant and singer Letoya Luckett were a couple, after they were spotted having a romantic dinner together. Though the relationship was never confirmed, the former Destiney’s Child member has since married and divorced Rob Hill Sr.