Credits: Instagram/iiswhoiis

As she fights on for her freedom from the grip of Dr. Luke and his record label, thousands gather outside the court holding “Free Kesha” banners. Kesha has found support from not just her fans but also from the general public. Now, along with holding the banners, the pop singer’s supporters and fans will soon be able wear these custom-made “Free Kesha” t-Shirts and help Kesha free herself.

The Kesha t-Shirts are a cool new way to support her in the ongoing lawsuit against music producer Dr. Luke and his record label Kemosabe. As Kesha is fighting out in court to free herself from the confining contract of Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records, a well-wisher has dropped in with some great goodies.

Kesha T-Shirts

Credits: Instagram/iiswhoiis


A couple of days ago, Kesha’s Instagram showed photos of the new custom-made “Free Kesha” t-shirts, which have been specially designed by Brian Lichtenberg, a designer based in Los Angeles. As you may know, Lichtenberg is the creator of his own Brian Lichtenberg fashion label and designs for BLTEE, the street-wear apparel brand. So, Kesha’s fans and supporters will very soon be wearing these specially designed “Free Kesha” t-shirts and support Kesha through this ordeal.

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