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If you’re someone who likes to laugh, then chances are you have heard of comedian-actor, Gary Owen. The host of The Gary Owen Show made one new graduate at his old high school, very happy! We know about the comedian, but what about Gary Owen’s wife, Kenya Duke? If you are looking to learn more about her, then take a look at our Kenya Duke wiki!

Her Wedding was a Disaster

Although Duke lives happily every after with her husband now, she didn’t have the best wedding day. To say her wedding was a hot mess, would be putting it politely. The preacher left, because Duke was over half an hour late, and there was even a fight at the wedding. Wait, there’s more! The baker dropped the wedding cake and to top it all off, a pimp was seen beating up a hooker across the street! Where was this wedding? We see why Duke would rather forget it the details altogether.

They Were on TV Together

In 2016, Gary had his own reality TV show about his interracial family, making him the first BET host that wasn’t African-American. Kenya Duke’s age and Kenya Duke’s parents are unknown, except for her mother Barbara Jean. Her father passed away. Kenya has been married to Gary since 2003, and the couple have three children: Kennedy, Austin and Emilio. They met over a decade ago at a comedy club where Gary was performing and doing warm up acts for other comedians. This was during the dark ages, when pagers were still a necessity and since neither of them owned a cell phone at the time, they had to talk on the phone via a landline! (Remember those?!)

Wow, how quickly does the time fly… and to think we didn’t know then that we would have a show on BET in the future! @GaryOwenComedy @BET #BETAWARDS #GaryOwenBET

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Kenya Duke’s Net Worth

Aside from being Gary Owen’s wife, Duke is also an entrepreneur and a house flipper, but her net worth is unknown at this time.

Kenya Duke’s Instagram

If you’re looking for Kenya Duke pics, then head over to her personal Instagram. She has all kinds of posts of her kids, husband and anything else that she loves doing. You will also catch a glimpse of some of her new home renovations! She’s definitely got a knack for design!

Throwback to when @GaryOwenComedy and I went to the Soul Train Awards in 2012!

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She and Gary are Sending Someone to College

Owen grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio in a family of six siblings in a trailer park. So, when he had the opportunity to give back, he jumped at it. When Talawanda High School graduate Jessie Bailey first met Owen as a high school sophomore, the two hit it off. Now that he’s a graduate, Owen and his wife are sending him to college for the next four years at Capital University!

“His story is nothing short of AMAZING,” Owen wrote on Facebook on Friday. “He lived in a tent at one point, then he was sleeping in his grandfathers trailer on the floor; no bed, no covers, no blanket.”

Bailey also spent some time in juvenile detention, but wasn’t given a reason why, which sparked his interest in studying law.

Owen graduated from Talawanda High School in 1991, so he was more than happy to have him and his wife give back to the community and change someone’s life for the better.

Owen’s American comedy tour starts on June 2 in Palm Beach and ends on October 28, 2017 in Oxon Hill, Maryland.