Today it Kendrick Lamar’s birthday and you may be in awe when you find out Kendrick Lamar’s age. How old is Kendrick Lamar? The famed rapper turns 29 today (June 17), and that’s notable because the Kendrick Lamar net worth is an impressive $33.0 million, approximately! Kendrick Lamar’s tours and, of course, the Kendrick Lamar shoe line has helped that number considerably, but today, on his birthday, we give you five must-know facts about Kendrick Lamar.

5 Facts about Kendrick Lamar

He went to the same school as Dr. Dre

Lamar is a Compton, California, native and went to high school at Centennial High School, which just happens to be the same high school that Dr. Dre attended. On top of that, it was Dr. Dre who reached out to Lamar after seeing the latter’s “Ignorance Is Bliss” video. That recognition is what helped launch Lamar’s career! And to add to the Dre connections, when he was nine years old, Lamar was actually on the set of the music video for “California Love” by Dr. Dre and Tupac!

He loves listening to neo-soul

It’s surprising since he’s a rapper, but Lamar doesn’t actually prefer rap music for his spare time. In fact, he’s reported to have said that he loves listening to neo-soul music more than rap. “Given the fact that I do a lot of rapping in my music, off the record I’m really toned down, listening to Erykah Badu,” he told Interview magazine.

He doesn’t smoke marijuana at all

It may be surprising to hear that Kendrick Lamar doesn’t smoke weed, mostly just because the stereotype is that musicians get high all the time. But, he revealed in an interview with Complex magazine that his song, “H.O.C.” stands for “high on contact” and that that’s the only high he ever indulges in. Some people think he’s lying because his eyes are naturally always droopy, but Lamar explains that that is actually just genetics!

“I say I have low eyes because of genetic defects. And that’s true!” he stated. “[M]y teachers would always think I’m smoking and I’m high because my eyes stay low like a motherf*cker … I don’t smoke at all. I’m one of the only dudes in the studio who doesn’t blaze.”

His new Reebok shoes are due out soon!

Kendrick Lamar and Reebok are teaming up to reveal a brand new line of shoes inspired by the rapper. The Reebok Classic Leather sneakers were designed in the name of gang neutrality, just like his initial collaboration with the footwear giant. The new Kenrick Lamar Reebok sneakers will see a red and blue atop a grey base with a thick seam going down the middle of each shoe. Like his previous collaboration, one shoe will feature the red while the other will feature the blue. It’s meant to be a symbol of unity amongst gangs.

He remembers the people who supported him

Despite being a millionaire now and having tons of cash to spare, Lamar isn’t selfish with his wealth. In fact, one thing he is known to do is take care of the people whom he loves and who have helped and supported his career and his rise to fame. When he began accumulating his own wealth, Lamar’s first thought wasn’t to spend it on luxury items that he didn’t need. Instead, he bought his parents a new house and even paid for his brother’s college tuition!