Youtube Vlogger and Model Kendra Bailey (Photo: Instagram/_kendrabailey)

About Kendra Bailey
Age26 Years
BirthOctober 14, 1997
Height5 feet 6.5 inches
SiblingsBeau Bailey
JobYoutube Vlogger, Model
Instagram Profile_kendrabailey

The rumor mill is in overdrive with a new supposed couple. Bryson Tiller, the Kentucky musician with the soulful voice, has been treating fans to a string of songs all week. But it’s his appearance on YouTube vlogger Kendra Bailey’s Instagram that has everyone talking.

Bryson Tiller popped up on Kendra Bailey’s Instagram on August 30, 2018, sparking dating rumors. But people are confused, as many thought he was still with his baby mama, Markea Bivens.

Our Kendra Bailey wiki elaborates more on this YouTube vlogger-turned-model, and her rumored relationship with Bryson Tiller.

Is Kendra Bailey Bryson Tiller’s Girlfriend?

Bryson Tiller had everyone buzzing when he released a series of covers and his solo track, “Canceled,” where he raps about a failed relationship. (Hmm, Interesting …)

While we were raving about his music, he surprised us by appearing in Kendra Bailey’s latest Instagram post.

Kendra Bailey's brother

Kendra Bailey’s brother, Beau Bailey. (Photo: Instagram/beaubailey__)

Bailey is famous for her vlogs on YouTube, which prominently feature her brother, Beau Bailey. She has also taken up modeling and has been gaining attention for her makeup tips.

But it’s the social media influencer’s dating life that’s got everyone talking. She shared a picture on Instagram with Tiller on Thursday. They appear to be in a vehicle wearing matching sweats for the “rainy day.”

Her 172K+ followers and many of Tiller’s fans flooded the post with comments expressing their surprise. While it doesn’t appear to be an outright confirmation of their relationship, many think they are a couple and are sending them love.

Tiller has a daughter, Harley, with a woman named Markea Bivens. They were together for a long time, but their latest relationship status is ambiguous.

Bivens hadn’t featured on Tiller’s Instagram page for months before he deleted the account in 2017 to focus on making music. But it appears they are raising their daughter together.

Kendra Bailey with Bryson Tiller

Kendra Bailey’s photo with Bryson Tiller that sparked dating rumors. (Photo: Instagram/_kendrabailey)

Who Is Kendra Bailey?

Kendra Bailey, age 20, was born on October 13, 1997 and hails from Minnesota. She’s seen as a role model for aspiring social media influencers for slowly gaining popularity online.

Bailey now has over 19K YouTube subscribers since she joined the platform in 2011. She often posted vlogs together with her younger brother. Many of her fans gush that the Bailey siblings are blessed with good-looking genes.

She’s particularly popular for her gorgeous hair and natural makeup look. Her makeup goal is to look as close to her natural features as possible.

Bailey is now redefining her career as a model, actress, fashionista, and makeup maven. She recently revamped her YouTube channel to promote her modeling and beauty career.

She’s an Aspiring Model

Bailey is steadily building her online empire, taking inspiration from several successful women like Zendaya, Rihanna, Zoe Saldana, Yara Shahidi, Taraji P. Henson, and Naomi Campbell. She hopes to succeed on multiple platforms like a lot of these women.

While she has all the makings to be a successful model, it hasn’t been easy for her. Standing at around five-foot-seven, she’s shorter than what most agencies want their models to be.

“Agencies wouldn’t even look my direction because they see my height written on a piece of paper and have the front desk attendant turn me away without even checking me out,” said Bailey.

Although dejected at first, she is determined to succeed and said, “I know I have a dope aura and energy I give off, that will lead me in the right direction. Rejection is something I’m not scared of the least bit anymore. I want what I want and I’m going for it.”

Bailey hopes to one day model for the likes of Fenty Beauty, Yeezy, Nike, and Adidas. Her runway dream is, of course, to walk for Victoria’s Secret.

With her natural looks, sweet personality, and determination, don’t be surprised if Kendra Bailey becomes a successful model in the very near future. And who knows, maybe she’ll be celebrating her achievement with Bryson Tiller!

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