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Still wondering how to keep up with the Kardashians? Well, Kendall Jenner may not be a Kardashian in name, but she is still their sister and has been living it up in London, England!

Kendall Jenner’s Instagram

It’s London Fashion Week and the latest Kendall Jenner pics are showing fans that the 21-year-old is off the clock. Jenner attended LOVE Magazine’s Love and Burberry party at Annabel’s Club in London, and she wasn’t alone. The young model posted a pictured of herself with fellow models/friends Bella Hadid, Justine Skye and Lily Donaldson. The Instagram post received over 500,000 views this morning and over 2,000 comments praising Jenner, who was pictured in a cream knit sweater, surrounded by glasses of champagne. Who else is booking a direct flight to London right now?

Instagram/Kendall Jenner

Instagram/Kendall Jenner

Kendall takes London

Before posing on couches surrounded by some of the best models in the business, Jenner was busy posing and posting in the bathroom! Why? Because she can! The 21-year-old supermodel was showing off her hooded Burberry cream, knit sweater and a gold dress, while standing next to fellow model, Hari Nef. Even Bella Hadid got in on the action—what’s a selfie without a Hadid cameo? Jenner amazed audiences with her flawless looks during New York fashion Week and London’s will be no exception. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has really come into her own as a model and has no doubt made her family proud. It seems like just yesterday that big sister Kim took her took her under her wing in New York to get her sister started in the business. Jenner didn’t appreciate how much work it took to take direction, but look at her now. You can’t spell fashion without Kendall Jenner and she’s made sure of it.