Kelsey Grammer is about to become a father again at 59. The Frasier star and his much younger wife, 32-year-old Kayte Walsh, are reportedly expecting their second child together—the celebrity couple already has one 19-month-old daughter.

This new baby will bring the grand total to six kids for Grammer. He had a daughter with his first wife, followed by a second daughter with a girlfriend, and then two kids with his third Playboy model wife.

Despite already having six kids, Grammer has said in the past that he and his new wife are planning on adding even more to their brood. “I think we’ll have at least two more, if not three or four,” the actor said in an interview after the celebrity couple’s first child was born in 2012. “I think it’s a great way to live a life.”


Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh started their married life together in February 2011, but their relationship began well before that. The celebrity couple was actually having an affair while Grammer was still married to his third wife. Despite the affair, and the fact that there’s a 25-year age difference between him and Walsh, Grammer has made it clear that he has no regrets about how his personal life has panned out, because he’s never been more in love.

To put the celebrity couple’s age difference into perspective, Kayte Walsh is only two years older than Grammer’s oldest kid, who has a son of her own. That means that at 32, Walsh is not only going to be a mother of two, but is also already a stepmother of four kids, and a step-grandmother of one. Now that’s what you call an accomplishment!

What do you think: Would you date a man with a daughter who was the same age as you?


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