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When it comes to unfiltered Real Housewives drama, Kelly Dodd never disappoints. The Real Housewives of Orange County got explosive when Dodd came face to face with her nemesis.

Since she joined the Real Housewives of Orange County last season, Kelly Dodd has been stirring trouble with every housewife. The last RHOC reunion had her butting heads with Shannon Beador, and last night was the continuation of their never-ending feud. In fact, insults and plates flew! Get the scoop on OC’s resident troublemaker in Kelly Dodd’s wiki.

1. She’s Not from OC

Kelly Meza-Dodd is originally from Arizona. Although not much is known about her early life, we know she has a younger brother Eric and mom Bobbi who live with her. She moved to San Francisco later in life before taking residence in Orange County two years before being cast on RHOC.

Bravo teased that this fierce Latina will be bringing her unfiltered opinions to RHOC and she sure did. Even before her Real Housewives debut, she was making headlines for careless comments.


Her antics had fans asking what is wrong with Kelly Dodd. Not only has she rubbed some of the housewives the wrong way, but she was ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings after getting involved in a bar brawl in the Ireland episode. But, she claims she doesn’t have a drinking problem.

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2. Is Kelly Dodd Married?

When 43-year-old Dodd joined RHOC, she was going through a rough patch in her marriage. Her husband, Michael Dodd, was the former COO of LeapFrog Enterprises, a tech company that made educational computer toys for kids. The Texas A&M graduate climbed the corporate ladder to success until he was leading the firm.


In 2016, he reportedly left his job to spend time with his family. They married in 2006, the same year their daughter Jolie was born. Their long marriage has been rife with ups and downs, and they reportedly separated for a couple of years.

Before her reality TV debut, the couple was close to divorce. But, they have since worked out their problems and are still together.


3. She’s Wealthy

Though the figures vary, Kelly Dodd is said to have a net worth of $9.0 million. She comes from a business background, and we assume her husband earned a hefty paycheck as COO.

According to Bravo, she’s a stay-at-home mom. But, she reportedly works as a COO of a company named Kiss Me Mirrors, which is a line of compact makeup mirrors.

Michael Dodd is said to have cashed out of the company through his stocks which earned the Dodd family a hefty sum. It’s no wonder they can afford a luxurious mansion worth more than $3.0 million at Newport Beach, which Kelly decorated with her impeccable style. They recently listed the remodeled house at almost $6.0 million.

4. She Got Some Work Done

Dodd cashed in her reality TV paychecks by going under the knife—on reality TV! She got some major cosmetic tweaking for RHOC season 12 to ensure she looks good. First, she had breast reduction surgery. “We are on a reality show, and I wasn’t happy with my boobs,” she said.


Another surgery Dodd had was a vaginal rejuvenation (we’ll let you Google that). Before trolls go after her, you should know that she has no qualms about admitting she had plastic surgery. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have had a camera crew film the procedures.

“You can make yourself look good. And the vaginal rejuvenation was more for, a lot of women are embarrassed to talk about, you know, when you have kids, you have stress and incontinence and, you know, a little bit of leakage.” You have to do what you must to look good right?

5. She Almost Left RHOC

In an interview, Dodd disclosed that she was almost done with RHOC in one season. But, she changed her mind when there was a change in the cast. Heather Dubrow has bowed out of the Bravo franchise much to Dodd’s pleasure.

“I was, like, not going to do it. Just because, you know, I thought Heather was going to be there and she’s kind of a snob,” admitted Dodd. When she learned that Heather didn’t sign up for season 12, she joyfully remained on the show.

Kelly Dodd also promised that season 12 is going to be fun. And, since this is coming from the source of the drama herself, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be.

Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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