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Look out Tiger Woods, because there’s a rising star in the world of golf and his name is Jon Rahm Rodriguez! Now, everyone wants to know about John Rahm’s girlfriend and what they are like together when he’ not on the field. If you want to know her better, then our Kelley Cahill wiki is just for you.

Rahm has come a long way in the field of golf, and at the age of only 22, he’s number 10 in the world and is already a contender at the U.S. Open! He turned pro last year and has won a PGA Tour with a prize of $5.5 million.

“It’s truly amazing to me to just look how things have changed,” Rahm said Monday. “The future was so unknown. There were so many options depending on how I did. To see how I’ve accomplished my goals on such a fast pace … of course, I wanted to be top 10 in the world someday. I didn’t believe I could win, give myself chances to win World Golf Championships, get into the top 10 in the same year.”

But what about the woman behind the man long-driving his way to success? Her name is Kelley Cahill and we’ve got all you need to know about her, right here!


Kelley Cahill’s Age and Early Life

If you have been looking into the Spanish golfer’s girlfriend, then you already know that there isn’t much public information on her. But don’t worry, we’ve gathered enough to paint you a picture of her personality. Cahill is from Portland, Oregon and graduated from Chaparral High School in 2012.

Where Did She Meet Her Boyfriend?

Cahill and Rahm met while she was attending Arizona State University. Cahill is also athletic and competed in javelin throwing, as well as tennis and boxing.

They Spent New Year’s Eve Together

Cahill and Rahm celebrated the end of 2016 and the beginning of a new year while in Spain, where Rahm is from. The golf pro took to Instagram to welcome the new year with his “princess.”

“2016 came to and end. A great year were I got my degree and jumped I to my professional career. A lot of memories were made this year but the most important one was starting a relationship with @cahillkelley I am so greatful to have you in my life,” Rahm wrote. “This year has been amazing because of you and I can’t imagine a better life with anyone else. So glad you could make it to Spain to spend New Years with me. I love you so much my princess![sic]”

Kelley Cahill’s Instagram

If you’re looking for pics of the happy couple or Kelley Cahill’s hot pics, then look no further than her very own Instagram account! She has countless photos of being on vacation with Rahm, boxing in the gym and nights out on the town. For Kelley Cahill, golf and how far Rahm has come is the reason she’s so proud of him, and it’s no wonder he’s almost in all of her photos! Whether they are on a boat or on the red carpet, the young couple are never far from each other, and it’s every bit of adorable!


She Has a Six Pack

There’s one thing that you can’t miss about Cahill: She’s got abs for days! Cahill has always stayed active and is naturally athletic, which it’s probably something the two have bonded over. From the looks of it, all that time in the gym has clearly paid off!

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