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Until now, many people have been wondering if singer-songwriters Ella Mai and Kehlani are dating. Is Ella Mai in a relationship with Kehlani? Finally, Kehlani addressed the rumors about her girlfriend in a recent tweet. Find out if Ella Mai is in a relationship with Kehlani.

Some blogs are claiming that Kehlani’s girlfriend is Ella Mai. Although many believe that Kehlani is a lesbian, she has identified herself as pansexual and queer. There are rumors that Ella Mai is bisexual.

MTO News Kehlani and Ella Mai Dating

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The blog that started the fake rumor states that Kehlani and Ella Mai have been friends for a while now. It also shared a photo of them when they were both on the SweetSexySavage World Tour last year.

Kehlani and Ella Mai Together

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When Kehlani saw the blogs and the rumors, she decided to tell her fans the truth.

Is Ella Mai Kehlani’s Girlfriend?

It seems like singer Kehlani got tired of all the speculations about her being in a relationship with fellow songstress Ella Mai. She took to Twitter and set the record straight about her relationship status.

Kehlani tweeted the following:

Kehlani's Dating Tweet

Photo: Twitter/Kehlani

Kehlani called Ella Mai her sister and even questioned the fact that it was a slow news day. However, a lot of people were vouching for them to be together and were disappointed that they are not a couple.

Twitter Reactions on Kehlani Not Dating Ella Mai

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