Kris Jenner may not be the most interesting person on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (aka KUWTK), but on Season 11 Episode 5, she definitely managed to give everyone a shock of their lives. Now 60, and in a May-December relationship with Corey Gamble, Kris Jenner had a “pregnant” scare!

After a lunch with friends, Jenner stopped by her eldest born, Kourtney Kardashian’s house and explained to her that she was on her period due to an estrogen cream. During lunch she happened to take out the tampons and her friends warned Jenner about pregnancy if she was not using birth control with her boyfriend.


However absurd this may sound, Jenner actually believed that she could be pregnant at 60. She even jumped the gun saying, “If I am pregnant, I don’t know what I’d do.” Kourtney only had one sensible piece of advice to offer- “Ask your doctor.” Jenner called Paul Crane who firmly denied even the slightest possibility, calming down the paranoid mom of six. In fact she went on to say, “Never thought I’d be so happy to get a no you can’t get pregnant.”

Thankfully for Jenner, upon Khloé’s insistence, Gamble revealed in the Season 10 finale of KUWTK that he didn’t mind not having children with her. He said, “If I don’t have kids and the love is still strong…then I’m cool with that.” He also stated that marriage was not that important too.

The end of the episode though, is the most epic ever as Khloé is seen saying, “I’ll throw up on everyone here. On purpose.”  But bear in mind that the root of this was her extreme fatigue from international traveling- we can’t imagine.

Besides this sneak peak into Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 11, the Kardashian family also shared a few snaps as they celebrated Kourtney’s children, Mason and Reign’s birthdays. Kendall Jenner posted a photo of herself and Reign with the caption, “Me as a mom.”

KUWTK Keeping Up With The Kardashians TV Show on E! Kris Jenner Has Pregnancy Scare Kourtney Celebrates Sons Birthdays Photo: Instagram/kourtneykardashian


Not to be left behind, second time mother Kim Kardashian also posted two photos, one with each of her nephews. The one with Mason read, “Happy Birthday Mason! You were the 1st born and changed everything! I can’t believe you are 6 years old! I love you more than you can ever imagine!” while for Reign she wrote, “Happy Birthday to the sweetest baby Reign. Explaining to Mason that his little brother wanted to be just like him that he even took his birthday was a fun task lol I can’t wait for you & Saint to be bff’s! [sic].”

Kylie posted two short videos, one of which featured Kendall. Khloé echoed mom Kourtney’s feelings, writing, “I can’t believe they were born on the same day.” But Kourtney’s post was the most touching. She shared an image of Mason and Reign cuddling with the caption, “Happy Birthday to my sweet boys who forever changed my heart! I still can’t believe they have the same birthday [sic].”

Image Source: Instagram/krisjenner

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