It’s been at least three years now that rumors have been swirling around actor/singer Jamie Foxx and his apparent romance with actress Katie Holmes. Neither of them has confirmed the dating allegations, but that hasn’t stopped the media from making assumptions, the latest of which are whispers of a potential wedding and even a baby.

Though there has been some doubt as to whether any of this is actually true, some of these assumptions aren’t without validation. Pictures surfaced of the pair holding hands a while back, and before that the two were spotted dancing together at a benefit in the Hamptons. That was in 2013, and it’s one of the primary reasons the rumor flames still burn today.

Both parties have, of course, denied these allegations, with Foxx stating that he and Holmes are “just friends” in an interview last March. But new reports indicate that not only is Foxx dating the former Mrs. Cruise, but they are secretly planning a wedding.


What’s even juicier is that multiple sources are telling of the couple trying their best to have a baby together. Foxx is 48 and Holmes is 37, so they are said to be exploring both natural and other methods for bringing a child into the world. Holmes is supposedly speaking to doctors about IVF treatments.

With all the Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx dating rumors going around, you may be wondering what ex-husband Tom Cruise thinks about the mother of his child starting another serious relationship, and with a celebrity no less. He’s said to be very protective of their daughter Suri, and the thought of another father figure in her life might be a lot for the A-List actor to handle. In fact, many media reports have indicated that the very reason Holmes and Foxx are keeping the relationship private is out of a mix of fear and respect for the Scientology member.

Reports have been on both sides of the fence on this one. Some say Tom is furious and will do whatever he can in his power to prevent any kind of marriage between Holmes and Foxx. But other sources have said that although this may have initially been the case, Holmes and Cruise have made peace and she has his blessing to bring Jamie Foxx into the family if she wants.

On the inside, it’s said that Jamie already refers to Katie as his girl. However, Holmes’ reps continue to deny that there is any truth to the dating rumors, including the reports that she went on a secret rendezvous with Foxx at an L.A. hotel.

There’s good reason to believe something is sparking between the two, but for now we’ll have to keep this one in the rumor mill. Don’t expect any confirmation from either of the two any time soon. If they have been dating for years in private, they’re pretty damn good at keeping secrets.


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