It isn’t uncommon for celebrities to go above and beyond for their holiday décor. But while some celebrities, like Kris Jenner, bring in professionals to deck out their mansions, others opt to do it themselves—like Katherine Heigl.

Over the past week, the actress has been sharing pictures of her Christmas decorations on Instagram, but she’s opting for a non-traditional look this year. “Closer look at my holiday mantle. Went with a woodland theme this year and I’m crazy about all my little bristle brush creatures,” Heigl posted a few days ago. The accompanying photo shows a lifelike squirrel (or a similar woodland creature) and bird perched on a mantle covered in greenery and shrubs. A previous post shows a huge stained-glass picture of a wolf hanging behind the mantle.

Katherine Heigl Christmas Mantle


In a series of follow-up posts, Heigl showed off her 12-foot “winter woodland tree,” complete with a deer head made out of tree branches sitting at the top. Oddly enough, that wasn’t even the creepy part. The following day, she shared another picture of her décor, writing, “Father Christmas bringing good tidings to our home. I think he’s awesome, some in my family think he’s creepy…” The picture shows the piece in question with an eerily realistic face. But it gets even creepier.

The last picture Heigl shared was of her second tree, but instead of traditional ornaments, the actress went with something a little more creative. Heigl explained in the caption, “Andddddd…. the second tree! I was really regretting my decision to put up a second tree when I was knee deep in stringing lights but now that it’s done I’m congratulating myself on my brilliance… until I have to take it down of course! In keeping with the woodland theme the second tree is all owls, pine cones, and bird nests. I’m not gonna lie, at night with the lights off its kinda creepy with all those owls staring at you… [sic].”

Katherine Heigl Christmas Tree

Despite the unusual decorating ideas, Heigl’s fans seemed to appreciate her effort. “Have an absolutely wonderful Christmas with your crazy amazing trees!! @katherineheigl,” commented one follower, while another added that the trees still looked “creative n festive [sic].”

Photo: Instagram/katherineheigl


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