Photo: Instagram/katharinemcphee

Actress and singer Katharine McPhee shared a selfie from the set of her ongoing television series, and there’s someone creeping behind her! Katharine McPhee, who stars as Piage Dineen in the CBS action-drama Scorpion, shared a sorta weird selfie while shooting the show.

Katharine shared the photo on Instagram tagging it with “#creepers” as someone in the backdrop is seen creepily photo-bombing her selfie. Don’t worry though: it’s not a stalker or a fanatic fan, it’s her boyfriend Elyes Gabel.




Credits: Instagram/katharinemcphee

Apparently, Katharine had no clue of this “creeper” caught in her selfie, so the 31-year-old TV star captioned it with “I didn’t take this photo today but oh well [sic].” She also added the hashtags “#morning,” and “#creepers” to it, along with “attempt at #sexyface #selfie #scorpion [sic].”

Katharine McPhee

Credits: Instagram/katharinemcphee

A part of Elyes’ face is seen lurking, as his gorgeous girlfriend Katharine takes a selfie on set of the show one morning. By the looks of it, Gabel is seen with a script in hand, probably rehearsing scenes for the upcoming season two finale of Scorpion. McPhee and the 32-year-old English actor had hit it off instantly after meeting and will be celebrating a year of a lovely relationship soon. As her “sexy face” does get our attention in the selfie, you just can’t ignore Elyes creeping over the lovely Katharine, who has no clue whatsoever!

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