Working out and general physical fitness have become hotter and more popular activities in recent years. It’s difficult these days to go a day without seeing a great number of people carrying a gym bag, going straight from the office to the nearest fitness center. And this is no different for celebrities, despite their access to personal trainers and private gyms, with Kate Upton being one such example!

Being a model, the star has some extra incentive—not to mention pressure—to stay in shape, and her latest Instagram post shows how far she’s willing to go, though she puts a lighthearted spin on it. In the video, Upton does a set of hip thrusts with what look to be some pretty heavy barbell weights (one commenter implies they’re over 400 pounds)—she’s lifting the weights with her waste and groin (so her pelvic muscles) rather than with her arms. Another person, presumably personal trainer Ben Bruno (whom she tagged in the post), can be heard in the background telling Upton that she’s got three more reps to go, but she goes the extra mile and does four!

I take my kegels seriously @chelseahandler @benbrunotraining


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The video ends with Upton giving the camera a big smile and a thumbs-up. And what does Kate Upton write to describe this intense workout? “I take my kegels seriously.” Well, that’s likely something a lot of guys, including boyfriend Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers, appreciate!

Over 49,000 fans appreciated the video too, judging by the number of likes. Comments were similarly inspired, saying the likes of, “Impressive beauty and strength!!” “Wow, you are looking fit miss Upton,” and even, “I came here just to watch this video.” While it’s probably not a workout regimen for beginners, for Kate Upton it’s just another day at the gym!

Video: Instagram/kateupton


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