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If you ever want to know what Kate Hudson is thinking, just head over to her Instagram account. The Deepwater Horizon star is usually an open book with her social media accounts and recently gave her fans a Throwback Thursday picture of her at the 75th Academy Awards, circa 2003.

Kate Hudson’s Instagram Throwback

Out of all the Kate Hudson pics out there, Kate Hudson’s 2003 Oscars photo is one of our favorites! The mother of two has never looked more adorable in her classic Versace gown! She captioned her pic down memory lane, “#tbt Oscar night 2003 snap by the one and only @mariotestino #OscarsWeekendOnDeck.”



For a star like Kate Hudson, the Oscars are just another night out, but with really expensive clothes—some of which even A-list actors can’t afford! Hudson herself, has gone on record about not being able to afford the high-end labels of couture clothing she wears on the red carpet. That’s part of why we love her; she’s humble and glamorous, all at the same time! Most people have seen at least one of Kate Hudson’s movies and she comes from a legendary blended family of actors. Fans love Hudson’s Instagram throwback and can’t wait to see what she wears this year—or whose arm she will be on!