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Kate Gosselin is famous for the reality TV show Kate Plus 8. The show is about Kate Gosselin and her eight children. One of Gosselin’s kids is Collin Gosselin. Read on if you want to know more about Collin Gosselin and Kate Gosselin.

Kate Gosselin is a 42-year-old who rose to fame after giving birth to sextuplets with her now ex-husband, Jon Gosselin. Gosselin herself worked as a labor and delivery nurse in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. She has a diploma from Reading Hospital and Medical Center in Reading, Pennsylvania.

On Monday’s episode of Kate Plus 8, the mother celebrated the birthday of her sextuplets. However, one child who was missing from the celebration was Kate Gosselin’s son, Collin Gosselin.

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Monday’s episode showed the sextuplets’ birthday party, which was actually in May. Five of her children—Hannah, Leah, Aaden, Joel, and Alexis—had an excellent time at their camping-themed birthday bash. Their birthday party had various fun activities, and even tents were put up in their backyard.

Gosselin got emotional while talking about Collin missing the party and said, “The photos around the cake, I have them for every year, every child, every birthday. We always have the big birthday party at home on their birthday, [I] got ’em for every year,” She continued, “This year [was] much like last year, obviously the difference is that Collin wasn’t there.” Gosselin then added, “I am comforted with the fact that my kids, all of them, each unique child, is receiving exactly what they need and that hasn’t changed.”

So, while the five siblings were having a great time, their brother Collin was missing out on all the fun. If you are wondering where Collin Gosselin is now, then take a look at some of interesting facts about him.

Collin Gosselin’s Wiki


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Born Collin Thomas Gosselin in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on May 10, 2004, along with five of siblings, Collin Gosselin’s age is 13. Collin Gosselin’s father is Kate’s ex-husband, Jon Gosselin. Since they were born 10 weeks early, all six kids had to be kept on a ventilator. Collin now attends Lancaster Country Day School.

His Parents Are Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin

In 1997, Kate met Jon at a company picnic. Following two years of dating, the pair walked down the aisle on June 12, 1999. On October 8, 2000, Kate and Jon welcomed twin daughters, Cara and Mady, into the world.

The second time Kate Gosselin got pregnant, it was through a fertility treatment because she had polycystic ovary syndrome, due to which she could not conceive naturally. On December 16, 2009, she and her husband got divorced after 10 years of marriage. Kate Gosselin won custody of her eight children and Jon has visitation rights.

Where Is Collin Gosselin Now?

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Kate Gosselin revealed that Collin has special needs. Last year, she disclosed that she enrolled Collin in a program to help him cope with special needs. Gosselin’s ex-husband revealed last year that he had not seen his son in two years.

Kate said about her son, “Collin has special needs, a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things. This has been a struggle we’ve had for a very long time, and it’s one I’ve dealt with on my own.” Kate Gosselin also added that everybody misses Collin a lot, but he is where he needs to be, learning all the things he needs to.