Miss Universe 2017 is approaching fast, and the evening is going to be one glittering event this year. Miss Universe is known for its grandeur and quality, and this time, we are going to keep a close eye on some of the promising contestants like Miss Poland 2017. Keep reading to everything about her in Katarzyna Włodarek’s wiki

Katarzyna Włodarek is the Polish beauty who will proudly represent her country this year. The leggy lass has gained popularity after winning Miss Poland 2017, and by the looks of it, Europe has a great chance at winning the title this year.

If you are wondering about the other beauties competing from the glorious continent, then you have to read all about it right here.

A Crown and a Stethoscope

Katarzyna Włodarek’s nationality is Polish, and she is a true beauty with brains. The Miss Poland 2017 title holder is a physician and a Ph.D. student, and she specializes in Dermatology and Venereology. Włodarek even coaches some students at Wroclaw Medical University in Poland.

Katarzyna Włodarek’s age is 26.

A Childhood Dream

Włodarek has been participating in pageants since she was 16. And now, she will be taking the world stage as a Miss Universe contestant, showcasing a great deal of passion.

Katarzyna Włodarek’s family inspired her to take up medicine. And, she’s got a great personality to boot!

Who Is Miss Poland up Against?

Katarzyna Włodarek is going to face the heat this time at the Miss Universe 2017, as Europe has chosen some of the most refreshing faces there ever was. Miss Italy Maria Polverino and Miss Romania Ioana Mihalache, are looking to be her competitors from Europe.

Miss Germany Sophia Koch and Miss France Alicia Aylies also look promising. Will France take home the crown again?

Although there is no way we can decide who the better contestant is, looks are definitely a contributing factor.

Katarzyna Włodarek on Social Media

The Miss Universe 2017 contestant is quite active on social media. Katarzyna Włodarek’s Instagram account is updated on a regular basis. And you can find plenty of Katarzyna Włodarek’s hot pics there.

Here are a few of them for you to enjoy!

She’s a Beach Bum

Dr. Gorgeous

Soaking up Some Sun

What Does the Miss Universe 2017 Title Come With?

If Katarzyna Włodarek wins the coveted title this year, she will have to move to the Big Apple where she can promote her ideologies. The reigning Miss Universe always takes up initiatives and programs that benefit society, representing her country on the global platform.

The winner not only gets a luxury apartment in New York City, but she also receives a tonne of perks from sponsors and associates.

The reigning beauty queen faces a world of opportunities where she can attend Fashion Weeks, auditions, movie premieres, and more. She will be able to build her contacts and spread her platform to many important people in the industry. Not only will this help her achieve more in one year, but she can also do a lot more even after she has a successor.

Don’t forget to watch the 66th Miss Universe pageant on November 26, 2017, on Fox. It will be a grand event you don’t want to miss!

And, if you are looking for tickets to watch the show live, then you can purchase them here.