Kat Dennings, the star of 2 Broke Girls recently shared a photo to Instagram of what her co-star Garrett Morris wore on set one day. The t-shirt had the photo of a lobster and the print,”When you finish sucking my head bite me. Louisiana.” The 78-year-old funnyman never ceases to amuse!

With 24,000 likes to the photo so far, it was loved by fans. They left comments such as, “Earl,” and “lol it’s Earl! [sic].” The character Morris portrays in the hit TV show is named Earl. Some other fans wrote, “Well that’s how you eat crawfish,” and, “Garrett Morris is the best!” Another even requested him to appear in the U.S. version of Shameless alongside Emmy Rossum. That would definitely be interesting!

Kat Dennings Kat Dennings Instagram Post Garrett Morris 2 Broke Girls

Photo: Instagram/katdenningsss


Yesterday, Dennings, alongside several other celebrities, posted a tribute to David Bowie. She shared a black and white photo of him to Instagram and wrote, “This man shaped my heart and soul. There will NEVER be another like him on this stupid planet [sic].” One comment that stood out was, “David Bowie achieved an immortality some of us only dream of. He is truly a legend, and legends never die. Never.” Couldn’t have put it any better. On Twitter she had another message, which you can read below.

On a lighter note, you can catch a brand new Episode 7 of 2 Broke Girls Season 5 tomorrow night at 8/7c. What’s more, the show recently celebrated the completion of 100 episodes with Episode 6. Meanwhile, Episode 7: “The Coming Out Party,” won’t be based on what its title suggests. Instead, it will be about Caroline (Beth Behr), whose grandma Astrid wakes up from a coma. Max and the others help Caroline give her grandma the gift of one last fancy luncheon.


Image Source: Instagram/katdenningsss

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