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When Karli Olson started her journalism career in Oregon, it was pretty obvious she was going places. And now that the opportunity has come up, Karli Olson is leaving Central Oregon Daily News. She announced the move on social media and certainly sounded excited about what’s next. Naturally, those who have followed her since the start of her career want to know where Karli Olson is going next and if she will remain in Beaver State. Read on to learn what Karli Olson said about her departure from the station.

Karli Olson Exiting Central Oregon Daily News

Karli Olson attended Lumerit Education and earned a pre-requisite BA in Communication and Media Studies in 2016 for a transfer to Thomas Edison University to complete her degree. She received a BA in Communication (General) in 2017.

In 2019, Olson went abroad to Ireland and attended the University of Limerick, earning a MA in Journalism in 2020. And during her time there, she worked for publications both in college and outside it back in Ireland.

She returned to the U.S. in 2020 and settled in Bend, Oregon. Olson first walked through the doors of KOHD/ABC and KBNZ/CBS as a news/production intern for Central Oregon Daily News. And in four months, it turned into a full-time job as a morning lead producer.

Since 2021, she has been more visible for her on-camera work. The MMJ and fill-in anchor has been running the social media profiles, filling in during newscasts and weathercasts, and continuing her job producing newscasts.

Central Oregon Daily viewers agree that Karli Olson is a natural in media. So, it’s no surprise she’s earned an opportunity to work in a new market.

Yes, Karli Olson is leaving Central Oregon Daily News. The announcement was made on her official social media during her last week at the station. But thankfully, she’s not moving very far as she will remain in Oregon.

Karli Olson will join KPTV in Portland at the end of May. She will be the newest addition at the station for FOX 12 Oregon as an MMJ/reporter.

Although her first day at her new job is over a month away, Karli Olson’s last day on the air at Central Oregon Daily News is April 14. After her last newscast in Bend, she will take some well-deserved time off and head to Portland.

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Don’t miss Karli Olson’s last newscast on Central Oregon Daily News. And keep your eyes peeled on her social media for more career updates.