Photo: Twitter/kanyewest

Kanye West’s latest album The Life of Pablo has gotten mixed reviews for the self proclaimed “rockstar.” The entire sound of the album is hard to pin down, and critics have said it appears to be unfinished with Kanye himself continuing to make changes more than a month after The Life of Pablo’s release. One of the standouts of the records has been the opening track “Ultralight Beam.” For “Ultralight Beam,” one of his more introspective tracks, Kanye dropped an Easter version called “Ultralight Prayer,” which is a two-minute remix of the hit track. Check out Kanye West’s “Ultralight Prayer” lyrics and the full song below!

Some Gospel Feel

With Kelly Price in the mix, you know there’s going to be some soul. And that’s exactly what Kanye delivers with the original “Ultralight Beam”: “We on an ultralight beam, we on an ultralight beam, this is a God Dream,” Kanye exclaims in the chorus. He goes on to hum lyrics praying for serenity and peace, odd for someone who has been seemingly devoid of both of those things in his celebrity life.

The new “Ultralight Prayer” song is thinned out and includes Kirk Franklin speaking exclusively over the soul sample:

“This prayer is for everyone that feels they’re not good enough/This prayer’s for everybody that feels they’re too messed up,” Franklin starts.

Price can still be heard harmonizing in the background as the two-minute track continues with Franklin almost preaching over the rhythm.

“Yes, I’m searching for you, yes I’m looking for (more!)/Yes, I am/In Your arms is where I feel (safe!)”

This is not the first addition to the The Life of Pablo since its release nearly two months ago. Kanye has also made renditions to “Wolves” and “Famous,” which are probably the most controversial tracks on his album. See the link to Kanye West’s Ultralight Prayer lyrics at and full song below!